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Joining the single student mamas very shortly!

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I'm so excited! I just found out that I'll be starting my M.A. in Education/Elementary Credential program at the end of the month. I'll be done in 20 months with the whole program and then will be teaching/counseling in the K-6 system. I'm still planning to work part-time, but hope to get enough with scholarships, grants, and loans to cut my hours back some so that doing all of this and caring for my children will not become overwhelming. I feel like this is the very best path I can take right now. Teaching is a fantastic career for the single mom - flexible, schedules match those of the school-aged child etc. - and it runs in my blood (3 generations of my mom's side of the family - 90% teachers).

Anyhow - wanted to share my good news. Any advice from the other student mamas out there?
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This is so AWESOME

I have not been back to school as a single mama, but I wish you all the best.

I am hoping that my finances get straightened out so that I can start taking classes again. I have one more to take before I can apply for a RN program. My goal is to be a Midwife

I know how excited you must be!
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Congratulations! I am currently in school for my MBA. Thankfully I have a great network of mama friends that help me out childcare when I have class.
It can be tough being the only one in the house with whom my dd can get attention from. Most of the time it is no problem, but those crunch times when I am needing to get a big paper done or am frustrated with a subject(like stats!!) it can be a bit more difficult. But its well worth it.
I will be done in December, Yeah!
What will I do with all that free time, oh wait, I have a 3 year old, there is no such thing as free time!!
Good Luck!!


Next year I'm finishing up my M.Ed. in Special Ed/EBD (after 3 long years), and I just found out this morning that all of my expenses are being covered by grants!!!! I got grants through my program, and then the university kicked in some grants as well!

Teaching is definitely a great option for single mamas, or for any mama for that matter, IMO

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Congratulations! And welcome to the "club"!

I have 2 years left in law school (been in for 2 years). I'm pretty envious of you mamas who will be going into teaching. I'm finding that it's going to be a bit of a struggle to find meaningful employment with sustainable pay that doesn't suck my life away.
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Wow! I am a little excited to see this. It seemed almost impossible for me to go back to school. I just enrolled in real estate school. But I am hoping/praying that within the next year or two I can start college. I want to be a Lactation Consultant, not sure if I will go for nutrition or early childhood development. It won't be nursing because I can't handle needles :LOL
I am a student mama too. I am taking my final test for certification in Middle grades English this Saturday. Please send smart vibes my way...
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I'm not a mama yet but I'm just finishing my M.A. in Special Education (moderate to severe) and I'm excited about how flexible it will be when we have children. Welcome to the wonderful world of teaching!
How exciting

I have been working overtime to make sure my financial aid is in has seriously taken me most of a week and a half to get everything done right....and even now we are waiting on a copy of paperwork from the IRS because my ex claims to not have a copy of our tax returns. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it gets to me quickly....class starts tommorrow!

I am working on my bachelors right now, but am planning to go straight thru and get my MBA.
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After my second divorce I returned to graduate school so we would have a place to live. My children were 2, 7, and 10. I finished 2 Masters programs - health science and adult ed. I started a doctoral program but had to quit because of my health problems.

My children are now 16 (homeschooled), 21, and 24 and I have just started a new doctoral program in science education (college level). I'm so excited and am sure I will be able to complete my doctorate now that my children are older.
me too me too!
I'm in the very early stages...application process for the classes I need to get into Seattle Midwifery school...I'm hoping to start CC in the fall and then SMS in the fall of 2005!
I feel like I'm finally following my passion and doing something with my life.
My babes are almost 4 and 7 and I'm a single mom but I know I can do this!
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Congrats Soul-O!

I just completed my Early Childhood Education classes and am now a Preschool Teacher! Yeah! My daughter and I will be able to attend an awsome Preschool that focuses on building/maintaining attachment. I'm subbing there this summer, and should be able to work full-time in Sept. (if they hire me... but it is looking really good!).

My advice is to just accept that you'll be exhausted! I realized that I really needed to study when my daughter was asleep. Otherwise, we both got frustrated, and I still got nothing done. I used to try to tell her "mama has to study" but she would try to get my books, or get me to play with her, etc. So finally I just accepted that the afternoons were our time to have fun and run errands together... and I just stayed up late to get my work done.

Good luck!

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I'm hoping to start again this fall. I actually just got notification right now (in the mail) that my financial aid application was received and they have 4 weeks to get back to me. I just hope it's all in place for this fall.
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