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Joint pain & inflammation after pregnancy

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Has anyone else been through this?

It started six months ago in my feet: plantar fasciitis and some toe stiffness. Now my hands are affected too: swelling, purplish color, and tenderness in a few knuckle joints. I finally went to the doctor since I even have trouble doing simple things like snapping DD's diapers.
I don't get any exercise either now, since my foot hurts too much to take walks with DD.

Fortunately, all blood work came back normal--he tested for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, hypothyroid. Doc basically told me he has no idea what's going on and had no real suggestion for follow-up. He did offer to refer me to a rheumatologist if I would like.

I'm definitely going to try to do regular acupuncture, which will be tricky since DD is very mama-velcro right now...

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any suggestions or advice. Or commiseration.
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PMd ya. I found a board where this is a common complaint.
I had the same thing, but my bloodwork was positive for RA... plus I had lyme disease about 6 years ago, so my joints were never great after that.

You can take some high quality omega 3's for the inflammation... that has really helped me. I take a pretty high dose but maybe you can talk with your doc or someone about it. I also take CoQ10 and that helps me just "feel better". But the omega 3's really do work, and are safe while BF
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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