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Jordyns Dreams AIO

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Hi guys,

I am an aussie mama who recently bought some of these off your US ebay and was wondering if anyone could tell me what is actually in the snap in soaker. I can't open the website for some reason.. wants a username and password???? I haven't tried an AIO before and really like these, they seem so comfortable and seem to work well, plus they are super cute. Just wanted to know what is actually in them!

Kind regards,
Melissa mama to Hayley 2.5 years and Lachlan 9 months.
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I don't know much about those diapers, but I just noticed the owner of Jordyns Dreams is auctioning off her business. So that probably explains why the site isn't opening.
I don't have any of her AIO's but I have had two of her fitteds. One had a snap in soaker and one had a soaker that was laid in but sewn down the middle to keep in it....weird...I've never seen another one like it. Its kind of like a Firefly soaker except the soaker is sewn in the middle not on the sides. Its hard to explain, but it was a fairly quick dry dipe though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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