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Sorry this is soooo long in coming, guys
This will be abreviated because nak :LOL

I started having regular contractions at 5:45pm on Sat. June 11. They were spaced about ten minutes apart, and were all in my lower back. Thy weren't too bad; DH and I went out to dinner.
They continued all through dinner and then all night. I was able to sleep through them till about 5 am. They started to get pretty intense in the afternoon; there was no question that I was in labor, albeit back labor!

I got in the tub for a while and that helped a bit. Then I decided it was time to call my midwife in. It was about 9 pm on Sunday night.

I was okay in between contractions, but took each contraction on my hands and knees, trying to breathe and relax through them. They were rough. I had DH apply counter pressure though each one. He swears I should have a broken spine from the strngth of him pushing. I kept telling him "Harder!"

When my mw and the mw student got here and checked me, I was only 4cm. I was soooo upset. I was positive I was at least six or seven. I cried to DH about it in the bathroom, and he did a great job of reminding me that I could dilate much faster from here on out, and that maybe we should walk a bit to help the contractions do something

So, we walked around the house a while, pausing and leaning on furniture with each contraction. I tried lunging through some contrax to try to spin the baby, but that reaaly hurt. I labored on the toilet some, and backin the tub, but after a while, I was in excrutiating pain with each cntraction, and nothing was helping.

My midwife put a Tens Unit (sp?) on my back, to try and massage the muscles through some contractions, and that did help quite a bit. After a few contractions with the Unit on, I wanted to go back to the bedroom (I'd been in the bathrom on the toilet at that point). When I got back to the bedroom, they wanted to check me again, because I had started to feel the urge to push.

First the mw student checked me, but she couldn't tell if I had a little lip of cervix left or not. So, the mw said she was going to check and I begged her not to, because it really hurt that much. No one listened to me, though :LOL and with the next contraction, I was pushing and she was checking. I was crying and begging her to stop, although I did totally understand what she was doing and why she was doing it. At one point, I hit DH and asked him "Why aren't you making her stop?" Yeah, man, it hurt. :LOL

After she checked me, it was confirmed, I did have a little lip of cervix in the front, preventing the baby's head from entering the birth canal. My mw told me she could put her fingers on it and push it out of the way with the next couple contractions, and then we could be on our way to having the baby. She told me it was going to hurt and it would probably take a few contractions.

Well, when the next contraction came, she pushed the cervix out of the way and I pushed with EVERYTHING inside me because there was no way I was going through this for a few contractions. NO way. And I did it, got her head into the birth canal with one contraction. Three MONSTER pushes.

From there, I pushed her out without much more fanfare. She started turning as her head was in the birth canal, so when she did come out, she was OA, and no longer posterior. Which of course, did me LOTS of good at that point :LOL

The mw student told me, "Oh, the baby has a little hair!" And I so did not care at that point :LOL They asked me if I wanted to touch her head as she was crowning. I refused, because I was so focused on trying to push her out.

DH delivered her a little while later, at 7:03 am on June 13th; after 25 hours of labor and 53 minutes of pushing. (That 25 hours is only counting from when it got serious the morning before :LOL)

We are doing fine, she is a champion nurser.
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