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Josie's Birth Story

I had my 40 wk app at 2:20 (didn't get in till after 3) Thurs. afternoon. (Sept 11). The visit was fine.
The midwife said nothing was going on. I was dialated to 3cm (as I was 2 weeks prior) and about
80% efaced. So we left and went home. I didn't do anything the rest of the afternoon. I was feeling
kind of crampy down low and around my back but didn't think too much about it. Felt like gas and I
had been having false labor for 2 weeks. So I made dinner and just hung out the rest of the evening.
I went to bed at 8:30 and read for an hour. Then I went to sleep. Pat came to bed at 10:30-11 o'clock.
I woke up at 11:30 with contractions about 30-45 secs every other minute or so. I called the midwife
at midnight. She said I better go ahead and come on in. I then went and woke up Pat and then called
my mom and she told me to drop the kids off on our way to the hosp. I then got the kids up and
dressed and we got everything/one loaded in the car. My contractions were getting a little stronger but
still not to bad. We got to my parents, they are about 10 mins away, and we unloaded the kids and I
went pee. Then off to the hosp we headed. It is about a hours drive. My contractions were getting
stronger but the times were about the change. We were about 20 mins or so from the hosp when I told
Pat he needed to drive faster. (He had been driving the speed limit) He sped the car up to about 100 mph.
YIKES!! The contractions were getting unbarable. We finally hit our exit, which is about 7 mins or so
away from the hosp. I was telling Pat to go through the lights...We pulled into the ER enterance and I
told Pat to get me a wheel chair because I couldn't walk. He ran into the ER and told the guard to call
upstairs and tell them that I was having the baby and to get ready. He ran back outside with a wheelchair
and we got me into it and he wheeled me upstairs. The car was left running with everything in it and the
door open. We get upstairs to the materinty ward and they wheel me into the delivery room. I am instantly
surrounded by like 4 nurses and two doctors. My midiwife wasn't there yet. They pulled off my pants and
asked me when my water had broken. I was like about 10 mins ago..I wasn't sure it had broken in the car
if I had just peed a little. It had meconium in it. So they called the NICU nurse. I crawled upon the bed and
started to push. I still had on my shirt. I kind of panicked but was in enough pain that I couldn't do to
much. I pushed out her head and they told me to slow down. They sucked her out. I am not sure where
Pat was this whole time..I think he was holding my feet. I had my hands up over my head holding onto
the headboard thingy. Then I started pushing again. One push and she was out. They cleaned immediately
cut the cord and took her to the warming station to finish sucking her out. She had some meconium in her.
Then I asked Pat what was it? He says a girl! I was in shock. I thought for sure it was a boy. They were
talking about taking her to the nursery so I told Pat to go with her. I didn't want her out of our site. They
ended up just keeping her in the room. They cleaned her up and then handed her to me. Somewhere in there
I birthed the placenta. She was so precious. Her poor little face was all beat up from me pushing so fast.
She was 9lbs and 5.5 oz. and 21" long. It tried to immediately nurse her. They were worried about her blood
glucous levels. It took her about 20-30 mins to figure out how to latch. Once she did she nursed for about
30 mins. Daddy got to bathe her. We stayed in the hosp about 8 hours. Longer then I had wanted but didn't
want to rock any boats further then I already For the most part the Dr's followed/respected my birth-plan.
I was glad since I didn't know them and things went as fast as they did. I think we were in the hosp a whole 5 mins
before she was born. They did cut the cord before I had wanted and Pat questioned that but because of the
meconium they had to. I am glad we had a healthy, fast labor. I think that 2 hours 10 mins was really too fast
though for my comfort..hehe

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Wow! I can't believe it was so fast! Congrats again on the birth of your baby girl!

eta, this might sound stupid, but how did you know to call your mw after 30 minutes of contractions that were only 40 seconds long each? Was it because they were so close and so strong? (I'm kind of afraid of having a fast labor and birthing in the car...)

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mamaley....I just guessed. I knew my labors were fast and knew these were different then what I had been having. I have never had really long contrax.

ps not stupid questions....sounds like something I would have
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