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So, a local park is being built here, and you can "sponsor" the park by buying a fence picket and they'll route whatever you want into it up to 18 characters.<br><br><br>
I thought it would be perfect to put my baby I lost's name on it... It's a park. It's somewhere happy. I like to think of her happy, playing in heaven with all of the other babies and children taken so soon. It just seemed fitting. A park is a happy place, with smiling children, and loving parents. And thats how I want to think of my baby. Not in some memorial park that feels somber and full of death.<br><br><br>
Anyways, I decided to sponsor one of these pickets and I told some people about it, and next thing I knew, they wanted me to get them one too (deadline is next week)<br><br><br>
If anyone here is interested in having one done, PM me. The deadline is really soon, so we have to hop on it, you know? But, if you want one let me know. And once they're up, I can go take photos and even put some flowers at it for you.
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