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We are now looking to find out what is going on with our youngest. He has had chronic rash issues for the past two years and now he has lumps that are growing on his arm and hand. Last summer we noticed a lump on the back of his heel and after taking him to the ped 4 times for it I mentioned it to his derm. she referred us to a surgeon who referred us to a pediatric orthoped and he mentioned that though he wasn't sure what it was he thought that it could be either Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis or Neurofibromatosis, both of which I have been researching and thought were possibilities. I called and got appointments with both the Rheumatologist (the end of July) and the NF clinic (the end of Sept) so now we are waiting, while the lump on his heel and the one on his finger are starting to get smaller. I know that this sounds crazy but I am afraid that they will disappear and we will be left with less to diagnose with, this has been a long road and I would love to make Finn feel better.<br>
I am posting a picture of what the lumpy (what Finn's calls it) on his arm looks like, it is not a great picture but I can't seem to figure a way to get a better picture. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Does this look familiar? I am not sure whether it is a Rheumatoid nodule or a Neurofibroma and the Ortho wasn't sure either......<br>
Thanks for your help!<br>
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