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Jude Roman Fairbanks birth movie???

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Does anyone know the current location of the Jude Roman Fairbanks birth movie on the internet? It has moved web locations several times and I can't find it. TIA for any help!
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I haven't seen that in awhile . . . thanks for reminding me. I cry everytime I watch . . . !
How funny - I just watched this again b/c an IRL friend IM'd me the addy. So bizarre for it to come up in 2 places in 30 minutes! I SO want to put together a slide show if this baby's birth - we have a video camera and still...gotta actually take pix that I'll be okay sharing with the world...
Beautiful! That's the first time I've seen that!

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Here you go-
Thank you so much Rebecca! How do you keep up with its location? I first saw this movie 3 years ago and this is at least the third web address where I have found it. I am so happy for the link b/c I wanted to share it with my birth photographer since this movie is what inspired me to hire her! Thanks again!
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I just searched aorund here for it a couple of weeks back when I was looking for some "inspiration". It is truly lovely.
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