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There is a video of the exchange - about 16 minutes long - on the link. It is entertaining and worth watching.

Summary: It starts off with the judge having to stop and interrupt Bark to tell her how she is supposed to behave while on the stand. She tells her to stop being rude and making snide comments during her testimony, to not talk when there is an objection, to stop arguing with the opposing counsel, and to stop addressing him unless he asks her a question.

Later, the judge asks the lawyer representing the mother (who is trying to keep the child unvaccinated against the father's wishes) to ask Toni about her publications and research on the subject of adverse reactions to vaccines. Toni mentions an "article" she wrote but then when questioned, not only could not remember the date it was published, but couldn't even remember the year or which journal it had been published in. Not only that, the opposing counsel then pointed out that this "article" wasn't even on her CV!

Turns out, this "article" was nothing more than a letter she co-wrote to a journal editor.

The judge then gets frustrated and says proper procedures are not being followed and that she has not seen anything that would qualify her as an expert in adverse reactions to vaccines and that she is only going to qualify her as an expert as a general Doctor.

As a cherry on top of the cake, Toni Bark wasn't even pronouncing the field she was trying to say she was an expert in correctly. The field is Adversomics. She kept pronouncing it as adverse -e-nomics.

It really was something. I found it highly entertaining.
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