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What are your tricks? Please?!?!?!

DD2 is a week old, and DD1 (she is 26mo) hasn't had a nap since. And DD1 needs those naps. She is clearly tired and unhappy and very very cranky... but I can't get her to sleep! I can barely convince her to sit down while I read stories for an hour or so.

I had a 4th degree tear (due to shoulder dystocia on the part of our new babe) and can't move quickly or easily I can't really snuggle with dd1 on my lap (I've tried snuggling next to her, but she doesn't like it as much) and it is uncomfortable for me to lay down on my side. I know I'll heal soon, and I'm sure snuggling on the bed with dd1 will help, but I can't do that right now. And although dd1 used to nurse to sleep while I read a story for naps, that isn't an option right now either since my nipples are very sensitive and I need to limit my "toddler" nursing sessions to 5-10 minutes tops in order to keep up with dd2's nursing needs. DD1 has been pretty good about this but it does mean I've lost another naptime "tool".

So how do I get a toddler to sleep with a newborn in the house? I'm all alone with them during the day and when dd1 doesn't get her nap the whole afternoon turns into one tantrum after another until she collapses around 8pm. I'm willing to try almost anything at this point!

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