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July 1 - ?? Friends Chat Here

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A new month means a new thread.

Chat away!
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blue moon babies
absentee dhs
popping sounds
names (FTR, I like Darwin, and know of at least one adult with this name)
I'm posting just so I will get a notice and don't have to remember to search us out. Thinking about skipping my 37 weeks on Mon. 7/5. My mom wants us to come up to DC and I don't want to have to drive back that am or sun night. But, I think the baby also just flipped breech and would like to talk to MW about it. oh well, I'll decide before the weekend. Great article about vaginal breech delivers by Ina May in Mothering. And, since the baby is so active I think there is no need to worry yet - plenty of room to move still. But DARN uncomfortable!

Need to get some lotion on and crash! Finally got my shower today!
Hi Girls,
I know I'll miss some of you b/c I'm just not too organized and my memory is shot right now.

About the swelling, Foxy-Just watch it closely. I know the facial swelling thing is something to pay attention to and Kimberly really gave you some good things to look for, too. My ankles are big at night-especially the left one???Makes no sense to me...
I try to put my feet up, and sometimes that hasn't helped me. It's especially bad when it's a really hot day or we haven't had the air on.

Ket-Hope that babe flips. Perhaps it was just some wild movement. And you'll be pleasantly surprised at your next appointment.

Dodo-So weird that you mentioned the name Darwin. I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago and this woman next to me had a little girl named Darwin. I thought it was so unique. I really liked it.

AP-Okay, my doubts about the doula got the best of me and I've cancelled our meeting. Told her the truth-that I was still unsure how I would use her services. Although she seemed really nice with lots of experience, I just got this vibe that what she mostly did was childcare. I know that's what some of this is about, but I think she mostly does overnight care for families. That's not to say she wouldn't be a great doula. I just still had some doubts. Doesn't mean I won't change my mind again... I know I've driven you all crazy with my indecision about this seemingly simple choice. But DH and I have never even hired a babysitter, let alone someone to come into our home at such a vulnerable time. ahhhhhh, what do I know?? All I know is that this just didn't *feel right*.

Also, about birthing attire. I remember thinking about this a lot the first time around. I bought these cute little padded sox to wear in the hospital and I remember my wonderful nurse gently taking them off and putting on regulation hospital sox, saying, "Honey, you don't want to mess up these sweet sox". And I just forgot about all the fun stuff that comes out of you during birth!! I may just wear one of my very boring Lands End nighties. Soft cotton-I have a short one and a long one. We'll see. I guess we'll have to pack those bags soon!

Oh, and I have to come up with some sort of definitive plan for DS during my labor. We know he'll be with the ILs, but we have to figure out timing. Should they come here? Should DH drop DS off? Etc., Etc......

Anyway, sorry again for the Bearsmama novella. I'm going to get a reputation around here!
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Okay I admit I haven't read up on the last thread to see what everyone is up to...
But I did want to drop in and say hi!

Ketilave, I hope that baby gets head down too. Although it is fine to birth breech vaginally, IMO, it sure does cause more hassle and the docs really don't like it.

I have a question about home birth and carpets. We have light, champagn colored carpets in our bedroom and where the birthing tub will be. How do you keep all the mess off of your carpets? It seems a pretty petty thing to worry about but...Do you put tarps/plastic everywhere?

My baby has been moving a lot lately and I am just starting to feel more uncomfortable, especially after eating a big meal. The hot weather has also reduced my appetite. Any suggestions? I have been eating fruit galore! I just can't stand to be by the stove or oven with the extra heat and cooked food does not appeal to me.

Oh, and I think we were talking about nesting back awhile ago...I have definately been getting that! I can't get anything clean enough and it is driving me crazy. I have been dusting things and arranging things I forgot I even had! :LOL

Hope everyone is doing well and sorry I haven't posted personals. I just haven't had the time to sit and read through the posts lately.
: Sorry

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Leah: I had to giggle on your gluey girl! I hope she survived it okay!

Peeing in a cup: I am sooooo bad at this! I always pee all over my hand. It's so gross!! :puke

Blue Moon? Can someone explain. I'm a little on the dense side.

Melissa: I had the popping with Libby. It was SO weird.

Traci: I'm pretty sure I should wear the hospital gown during my c/s.
: Nevermind, it's a joke. When I've had to go in for monitoring at the hospital the last 2 times, I've kept my street clothes on. I BEGGED them not to make me change into the butt-baring gown. THe nurse said "Well, you can wear your shorts today, but for your c/s you really have to wear the gown" Hehe.

Ketilave: I hope baby flips back to vertex!

So, who is leaving their child overnight for the first time??
aves That would be me! I'm so nervous about leaving Libby!!! She's going to be away from me for THREE days!!!!! Ugh! Poor girl has never spent a night away from mama! And she's showing signs of an ear infection starting up, and when she gets EI, all she wants is ME. I would feel horrible if she just cried and cried at someone's house, but what can I do?? She can't stay at the hospital!! It's going to be a rough transition, because if I have anywhere near the soreness I did with her I won't be able to do much with her for a few weeks PP.

Cheryl: I would personally put something down if I had light carpet!!

34w6d!! u/s & appt tomorrow
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Hi everyone. I can't believe it's July already! I'll be leaving my sone for the first time too, and I am so worried about how he'll be. I'm not worried about after the baby comes and DH is at home with him. They always manage
I'm more worried about when I'm in labor after we go to the hospital. I am esp. worried b/c I thought we had a plan for that, but I don't think it's going to happen. Two guys from DH's work were going to take care of him. They really don't know anything about taking care of kids, but DS knows them and likes them, plus we would only be a phone call or a 15 min drive away. Now I don't know if that arrangement will be possible. Just like my DH keeps going on trips, so do they. The odds of them being here at the right time are pretty small. My doula's oldest daughter would really like to take care of DS. We'd have to have toys and books packed and they could stay in the waiting room. She has 5 younger siblings and lots of experience with them and the neighbors, but she is so young. I guess it would probably be okay b/c DH could help her out a little if needed since I would have my doula there too.

Oh, man, I'm rambling. But anyway, those are my thoughts re: DS. DH's trip dates were changed. Now he will leave on the 4th and get back wed. or thur. Now, I remeber that two of you were also going to have absent DH's. Who was that? We can whine to eachother

Someone asked if Dh's work dog lives with us. Military working dogs are much different than normal police dogs or whatever. Most of these dogs ended up in this program b/c they are too aggressive to be family pets. Honestly many of them would have probably been put to sleep if they had not had the appititude to do this work. DH's dog is actually not so bad. Actually he is very nice and DS has even gotten to pet him. I'm sure he has mellowed over time. So anyway, no, they do not live with their handlers.

I wanted to go back and adrress everyone individually, but instead let me just say a few things. Please watch all those things like swelling and such. I really don't want to see any of you ladies or your babies having health issues. Kimberly, you are doing great at taking care of yourself and your babe. Hopefully you get to keep that baby in for another 2 weeks or more

Wow, now this is long. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Hi everyone!

Yea! Its July! I remember back in January when I thought this month would never come! Hard to believe, but that was also back when I was puking everyday. Seems so long ago!

Kimberlylibby-so glad to hear someone else had the popping noise! It was wierding me out so much, and I didn't want to ask anyone personally I thought they would think I was crazy. Maybe it is just a ligament or rib popping or something. It doesn't hurt, just was wierd!

And on July 31 there is going to be a blue moon, which is the second full moon in one month. Tomorrow (Friday) is the first full moon. So, it would just be neat to deliver on a blue moon! My due date is August 6 so it is a possibility! Dh says that is our baby is born on that day, we have to switch her name we picked to something that reflects it.

Better go, everyone drink lots of water and stay cool!
Hey Dodo thanks for getting us started for July!

Naturegirl good to *see* you!

Kimberly here is the link about the blue moon:

Yes ...leaving our little ones for this birth. My ds and I have talked about what will happen when it is time and he has expressed interesting in coming with us but hospital policy will not allow(lucky all you HB'ers). So he knows if the baby comes at night Nana or Mam-mal will be with him, and during the day he will come but not be with us exactly; but other than that DH will be coming home to sleep with ds while baby and I are in the hospital. here is who is getting down to the last month/few weeks..everyone here is due between Aug1-7th.


Wow! Isn't it getting exciting!

My baby has really been giving me the alien tummy. Poking hands and feet, elbows and knees all over the place out and about...I love it!
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Dodo: Thank you for starting our new July Thread. Wow, did I say July?
Lena: I know the plans for your child during labor will work out. That was so nice of your Doula's daughter to offer to watch!
Kimberly: If we have to leave DD overnight, it will be the first time. My sister has offered but I think she would do better with my mom. Also, our hospital allows children to stay in the room during labor, delivery and postpartum. At first we had considered having DD in the room but after she went to the first few appointments we found out listening to the babies heart beat freaked her out. But now here at the end she's been acting differently. The heart beat doesn't bother her anymore and I have been prepping her by showing her, her birth video (Which is detailed and graphic) My mother missed nothing. That was fine with me, I feel so empowered when i watch it. Anyway, she has responded just as I was hoping she would and I think we will try to have her there and just have a family member available to take her out of the room if needed. Depending on how I feel and how she is behaving we may also keep her in the room with us the one night we stay in the hospital. My DH and Mom will both stay too. So we have given it all a lot of thought too and I am hoping regardless of where she ends up (with us or family) that she will do fine.
Nature: I am back on the nesting kick. I threw the carseat cover in the wash this morning and I have been cleaning like a mad woman. Certain cleaners, like bathroom cleaners make me nautious so my DH is supposed to be responsible for cleaning the two bathrooms but he is not taking care of it to my satisfaction so I will be on my hands and knees scrubbing them today.
Bears:Quit kicking yourself. There is nothing simple about inviting a stranger into your home. It is better for you to feel comfortable with your decision. The whole point of a postpartum doula is to make the new transition with the baby easier. And if you are not comfortable with her presence it kinda defeats the purpose you know! Always trust your instincts first!
Traci:Undecided about labor/birth attire. I better start thinking about it some more. I would like to start packing the bags for the hospital by next week just in case.

As for me, I got a great nights sleep. I think I only got up 3 times instead of the usual 8 -10 times. I was supposed to have the day off today but my daycare mom has a new job possibility and would like to leave the kids a few hours while she go's to interview. Atleast I didn't have to get up at 6:00 they won't be here till 10:30. I have plenty on my TO DO LIST. I will work hard on it but I know how quickly I tire out these days. No real swelling unless I spend and hour our longer standing. Then some water and propping up the feet seems to make it go away pretty quickly. Knowing that it is now July, and that the weeks have been passing by so fast the realization of how soon I will be taking care of two children instead of one is huge. It has also made me try to slow down during the day and just try to enjoy these last few weeks of having a huge belly and feeling those kicks and punches and other movements.

Have a wonderful day ladies!
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For both births I have been naked - c-section and vbac - and will probably end up that way again.

For the carperts - go to the dollar store and get cheapy shower curtains. Lay those down with sheets over them and voila. Sheets go straight into laundry and toss the shower liners. Also, while at $store get yourself some hydrogen peroxide - does wonders on blood if nec.

DS was left for the first time when I had DD - my sister came to stay so he was in heaven! Didn't miss me a bit - DH was with me just the one night because we had just had DD but after that he went home. I only stayed 2 nights (one was delivery) because I wanted to

Funny thing about if the baby is breech - I just assumed I would deliver vaginally - never asked my mw because no other options crossed my mind. My only issue with it is that the pressure on my lower back has been a lot worse and having the bobbling head in my ribs is a pest esp. when sitting up. Problem with being short that there is little place for the baby to go!
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Had my 34 week check-up today. Everything is fine and dandy
went over my birth plan and I feel really good about everything going the way I want it to. (of course, you never know and I am prepared for that too). I saw the nurse practioner, no midwives were available so I still want to talk about my birth plan with someone who delivers babies! She also said she doesn't think the baby is posterior at this point, but that could change. I will keep doing positioning stuff just to be sure, though. Next visit I get the GBS test, fun!

Kimberly: I hope your appt. goes well. You are doing so great keeping that baby cooking!

Traci: I am thinking a tanktop and some comfy sweats for labor. Well, the pants will have to come off at some point! :LOL Its actually what I wear to bed and so comfy. So I say whatever is most comfortable for you.

Re: leaving children. We actually live with my parents (crazy, I know) so my dad will be watching ds if we need to be gone for the night. My plan is to have ds at the birthing center and he can come and go in the room as he pleases, but we will see how it goes.

Bears: I totally understand about being uncomfortable with someone in your home. I would be, too. We have only ever left ds with my parents so, yeah I'd be weirded out with someone I don't know very well watching him.
hope you figure out what will work best for you. Thats what really matters!

Wow, I can't believe some of us are so close! Can't wait to read some birth stories!
My Dh is very excited by the blue moon thing, too. He thinks the baby will be early, I'm not so sure. That would be 2 weeks before my due date. Not that I would mind...
The resident mystic at DH's work says this baby will be early and is a girl. Well, she was right about ds (late and boy!) and has been right about all the other babies born to co-workers and their spouses... she just *knows* things. Its neat.

Ok, enough rambling from me. Talk to you all soon!
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Nesting...hmmm... the idea is there, but the will isn't. I am throwing a girls night out at our house next Wednesday, so I think that will get my butt into gear if nothing else does. I get tired so fast, I can only do one thing on my to-do list a day. Ds's bedroom for instance is a disaster.

Speaking of ds...he embarrassed me so badly at the store yesterday. He was in a really goofy mood, and started saying "mom we are in PRIVATE, aren't we. Yeah we are in PRIVATE." I am trying to get him to be quiet b/c I know what is coming but yet there seems nothing to stop it. Then he blurts out, "Yeah we are in PRIVATE so I can TOUCH your BOOBS!". I was mortified. There were two women near me who both looked at me, and I am sure were wondering how they could report me for child molestation. Oh well, they were just strangers, right? FWIW, I did tell ds that he really embarrassed me and to not talk about my body like that in public again, and he said okay, I won't.

My baby is doing alien thing as well. Especially her feet -they keep poking out around my ribs. And then I can feel her head push down as she is pushing her legs against my ribs. Not really too comfortable!

The other day when I took a walk I had constant BH the whole time. I have been a little afraid to take another one, b/c my m/w is out of town for the next ten days. I don't want to get anything started! It is still too early though, I am 35 weeks today. Plus, baby hasn't dropped or any of the other signs. So, I should be ok.

All right, I better go! Bye!
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Ketilave-my babe has been breech and posterior recently, and yesterday was palpated as vertex loa! I was so excited
I too have been getting lots of movement, and so wan't shocked, but I was very happy. Hopefully your little one will behave itself
Here in AZ breech babes are a no-no for hb midwives, so I was rather anxious.

Bearsmama-I would totally NOT want to have a stranger watching my kids. As much as they can be a pain that would make me really uncomfortable. A few months ago I hired someone I KNEW from church to come watch the kids, in my home, with me here, a few hours a week, and it still took me awhile to get used to her being here. Hmmm, maybe I should arrange to have her come back for awhile after the baby is born...they just cut her hours at work...

Cheryl-Ditto on the hydrogen peroxide-it's the best stuff for blood. Pretty unbelievable actually. My midwife took care of all that stuff, I guess she's a pro by now.

Kimberly-So glad to see you still here! I hear you on the peeing in a cup thing. I actually just told my midwife yesterday that I must not be as huge as I think, because I can still pee in the cup! I definitely remember getting to the point with the other ones where I couldn't see what I was doing, AT ALL and there was just no tidy way to do it...LOL!

Jillybean-We live with il's and have for 3.5 years
but the upside is that my kids love their nana and papa and are totally comfortable with them in situations like this. I am also still working on positioning stuff (mw said 200! pelvic tilts a day!) even though babe is finally in a good position. I have had back labor before and am very anxious to avoid it this time! They wanted to know if I will be doing the gbs test next time, and I still haven't decided...

Well, as you all can tell I had my mw appointment yesterday. They had just come from a birth; it was the mom's 3rd and it was longer and rougher than any of them expected, just what I needed to hear! Baby was posterior, ugh. Everything looked ok, actually, better than expected with me. My baby's position was good, my stats were all good, weight was to be expected
and I was finally not measuring so small! I am still rooting for middle of August-though I have given up all hopes of any earlier than that. We got 120's for heartbeat for the first time-it has been 160's every other time. I am having braxton hicks again. They had really slowed down for awhile, and now are picking up again. I swear my body totally went into denial for a couple of weeks after the ultrasound. I am glad to be feeling like my normal pregnant self again

So, how long will it take us to fill up a thread this time!?!

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, #3 due 8/04
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No clue what we're doing with DD during the birth. I'm thinking we'll have her with us, but I also have a friend who's offered to watch her when we go to the hospital, so who knows?

And, if you can't be naked when you're having a baby, I don't know any time you can. I will be nude and proud of it. Fat rolls and all! LOL. No room for modesty when you're pushing a babe out.

Not much time to post right now, but had to relate a couple of cute stories. Bonnie has been fascinated by my belly all pregnancy. Lately, she's taken to shoving her own belly waaaay out and saying "look at my BIIIIIG pregnant belly!" She's also started talking for the baby. She'll put her mouth right near my belly button and say "I love you, Baby!" and then she'll put her ear right next to my belly, and in a high falsetto say "I love you too, Bonnie!" Sooooo cute!

But, the all time cutest was the other day, she had her head resting on my belly, and the baby made a huge movement. The kind where if I'd been able to see, I probably would have watched a whole arm move the length of my belly or something. Bonnie jumped up, very startled, drew in a very loud, sharp breath and her eyes were as big as saucers. She looked at me, and kind of giggled, in an "I might be about to laugh or cry" sort of tone. I smiled at her and said "the baby just touched your face." She giggled again, and this time was a little happier. I think this was the first time she really "got" that there's a baby in there. She's started talking for the baby since that moment, so I really could be right about that. She's felt other movement before, but always at my encouragement. "Here honey, put your hand right here." I think she thought I was controlling it. But, this movement was so BIG and so unexpected, it made it so much more real for her. Absolutely the most priceless moment of my mothering career.

Time to cook dinner. I'll catch up more later. Hope all is well!
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Awwww Caroline: That was so sweet about your little DD. Thank you so much for sharing. My dd still doesn't get it. I wish I could help her understand. But it won't matter soon since the baby will actually be here!

Rochelle: So glad your baby turned. I bet that was a big relief for you. My babe has seemed to always be head down but I still have fears of her turning breech at the last min.

Ilove: What a story. I get embarrased if my daughter throws a tantrum or raises her voice when out and about. Your story is a doozy. No offense but I did giggle when I first read it.

Jilly: Congrats on the good check up. I am all for comfy during labor and birth too.

Just checking in so as to not have to spend an hour catching up on posts. I am making hamburgers for dinner. We finally have some sunshine around here so I am ready to fire up the grill. Grilled Corn on the Cob sounds delicious right now too! Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Happy July 1st!
Hi everyone!
35 weeks today for me. Next appointment is next Wednesday. Not sure if I get the GBS swab that time or the following week. All I know is that my internals start next week. And that can only mean ONE thing...a baby will be coming SOON!!

Feeling exhausted, emotional, and going "inward" a bit lately. Getting really pensive, worried, etc. Physically I feel like I was hit with a big truck when I get up in the morning (why is this?). And throughout the day my energy just wanes. My one ankle is swollen every night. And the heartburn continues. Dairy products and tomato things seem to be the worst culprits for some reason. Oh, and this little guy/gal pokes and thumps when I finally sit down at night. But then is fairly quiet when I actually get into bed. DH and I are hoping that this is a sign of a sleep-loving baby!

Kimberly-Still working up what we're going to do with DS when I go into labor. The ILs live 25 minutes away, so they will come here. But if I go in the middle of the night then I think we will ask one of our neighbors to come over and just until it's a civilized hour for the ILs. Of course, I know that labor can be LOOOOOONG. So, hopefully we'll be able to have time before we have to go to the hospital. GOOD luck with your appointment tomorrow. I'll be sending goood baby and mommy vibes.

Lena-Yes, DS will be away the end of next week (8th-11th). I'm not obsessing over it or anything, but I am a bit worried about going into labor WAY early. Hey, it happens. Just know I'll be out here whining about it, too!

Ilove-Doesn't January seem so loooooong ago??? Although this pregnancy seems to have whizzed by for me, I can't remember it being cold out. We are the same week today-35!

Dodo-YES, thanks for getting us started for July!

Hi AP!
: Yeah, our DS will probably not have to spend any overnights exactly with the ILs as I expect DH will come back home to sleep with him at night. SOOO different that our first experience, huh? DH had his jammies with him the first time and we had like a hospital get-away for two days. Of course, it wasn't quite luxurious, but he was a doting husband then. Now, it's all about DS!

Jl-Thanks. We may very very well change our decision AGAIN before the babe is born, but this just didn't feel right. And you are so RIGHT about following your instincts. My DH always says, "Trust your gut".

Jilly-Glad you had such a good appointment.

rochelle-I bet we can fill this thread up in a few days! We're so CHATTY. Remember when things were slower here. I don't even think I checked in every day. Now, I HAVE to!

Caroline-Too cute about Bonnie's rxn to the baby's movements. I've not been as lucky. Each time I grab DS's hand to have him feel something, the little bug stops moving. DS is talking to the baby through my belly button. Seems to think that's the "ear". Coming up with funny names for him/her, too. I have to remember to write all this down.

Anyway, that's all for me. I'm going to plunk down on the couch and read for a long while. DS is asleep early b/c he had no nap. BOY, though, was he tough to get to sleep. Just fights it and fights it. Now, if I could only stay awake...
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Hey everyone!

I had a hard night last night. I have a lot of preassure/pain all over *down there* My lower back hurt and I was having a few painful contractions. I felt frustrated by it b/c I knew it wasn't anything, but it still hurt. It's not that fun to think that I will keep being uncomfortable for at least 2 weeks. I am 36 weeks today! It feels so wierd saying that. Even though for the most part this pregnancy seems to have gone by fast for me, I am still like you mommas who said that it seemed like this month would never get here. SOmetimes I am feeling a little worried about having a new babe in the house plus my DS who requires so much from me still. I can't imagine how it will work, but I know it will. WOman have been doing this forever, and I'll figure it out too.

Bears- ditto the run over by a truck thing. Sorry you are having problems w/ swelling, heartburn, ect. I seem to have escaped those things this time around. All I can think of is maybe b/c of my low weight gain? I had forgotten about that GBS thing. I was palnning on declining an internal next time, but I guess they will have to poke around in there anyway. My Dh will actually be getting home right around when yours is leaving, but you can still whine to me!
I'll be able to commiserate.

Caroline- That's so cute. I haven't been able to get DS to feel her move yet, but he talks to her too. He puts his mouth right by my bellybutton and says "Hewwo Sawa!"

Rochelle- Yay for the appt, and great turning baby!

My DS is always wanting to touch "nummies" too. I'm with you an the nesting thing too. There is a lot I want to do, but my body just isn't in the mood

Jillybean- Yay for another good appt. The blue moon thing is neat. July 31st is my due date according to those online calculators that use 28 day cycles. My cycles are shorter though and I have the 29th or 30th. Of course the nurse at the OB counted wrong and told me Aug 1st. I think I might go with saying July 31st though b/c of the blue moon thing.

K8- I think nakeds the way to go too, as long as I'm comfortable with who is in the room. If I'm not comfortable that's not going to help my progress any.

Laurie- will you keep doing the daycare until the end? How long will you "have off"?

AP- my Dh will go home at night too. Much different than with DS when he never left my side for the whole time we were there. I imagine this time will feel so much different with having so much time where it is just the baby and me.

I think that's everyone. BTW, where is Madrone? Anyone else who hasn't been around lately? I know there are a few who haven't posted in a few days, but hasn't it been a while since Madrone posted? Maybe they are having computer troubles again.

Have a great day ladies.
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Lena: My plan is to continue babysitting until I go into labor. If that happens while the kiddos are here, My mom is just 5 min. away and can come help with them till thier mom, grandma, or Aunt arrive. If I felt like I did last pg. I would probably already be finished with them, but I am doing so well. My patience is shorter but I just remind myself they are young and don't know any better half the time. Right now I am planning on being off atleast 4 weeks after the baby is born. Money is so tight I can't imagine being able to go w/o a salery for more than a month. Even one month is going to hurt. I know it will all work out though. Oh and are you prepared just incase you don't wait two more weeks. It could happen. Hope those bags are packed.

GBS Testing: My MW said they would do it at the 38 week apt. but I think I will ask her to do it at the 37 week. Just those early vibes I guess and DD was born at 37 weeks exactly. She said she won't do an internal exam either unless I ask! I am sure I will be curious by 37/38 weeks though.
I would have to go down the HERE WE ARE list and back track through the posts to see who has been missing. My memory is so bad right now and just keeping up with what is posted has been enough for me lately. I hope everyone is OK.
Looks like we will finally have some sunny weather and most likely miss the rain on the 4th YEAH! Even though the rain is gone for now the humidity has stayed and the temp is supposed to be mid 90's and feel like the 100's. YUK. I would like to take my DD and my daycare kids to the park that is in my neiborhood but i don't know how long I can stay outside in the heat. It tends to make me nautious.

Kimberly: How did that apointment go yesterday?
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Lena, I think you're correct in that we haven't heard from Madrone for a while. Hope everything is ok with her.

Big day here yesterday.......DD and I went in to the OB's to have my swelling and blood pressure checked. The swelling finally stopped, so who knows why it came on so fast? A mystery that will never be solved. Blood pressure was still a bit high, but lower than last week's. And, oddness of oddness, even with all that swelling, I still lost 1.5 lbs weight from last week. I'm giving up trying to compare this pregnancy with my last...........they are completely different. It's like apples to oranges. And the discrepancies only get me to worrying, anyway.
And oh! The baby is finally confirmed head's down! Yahooo! And, a point to think about for those of due in the first week of August, I discussed last week's cx's with the OB and she says that if they had lead to labor, we would have had our baby............i.e., at this point, it's completely safe to let everything progress. Yet another reminder that we're getting oh, so close!

It tickles me that some of our toddlers are talking to the baby thru the navel. DD isn't, but she's definitely spending lots of time perched on top of the belly mountain and aware of all the going's on in there.

Jl, be careful with that heat, ok? Dreadful how it hits you before you even realize you've pushed it too far.

The obsession with lemons continues. I'm seriously considering freezing lemon wedges, dusting them with sugar, and using them like ice cubes. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok. Must go be domestic and make lunch for us all before DH gets home. Very 1950's of me, I know, but boy does it save us money and makes for pretty good family time too. Still, I wouldn't make June Cleaver proud. I'll never have it that together.

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