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Anyone else here? I thought I'd cut & paste a survey from elsewhere...
What was your LMP date? 24th September

Age? 24

How many Prior CHILDREN? three--a 3-year-old, an 18-month-old, and a 6-month-old.

Were your Twins Spontaneous or did you get a little help? Definitely spontaneous! This pregnancy was, er, a "little" surprise!

If you had beta's when were they and what were the first couple of numbers? Is this the same as HCG? My HCG levels at my appointment were 290 000, which is only a touch higher than the high end of normal

How far along were you when you found out? Nearly 10 weeks.

What were some of your initial symptoms? For moms of more than just these babies how has this pregnancy been different for you? Extreme tiredness, pressure headaches, nausea/loss of appetite. The marked differences are the headaches, how tired I am in spite of not being able to sleep, and the fact that I can already feel my uterus though I'm not "showing" very much yet.

Did you have a little motherly hunch that there was more than one or were you shocked? I actually had joked that it might be twin girls because I've been having REALLY strong "girl gender" feelings. It was a total shock, though--I never, ever imagined that I'd be having twins! I still can't believe it and I've got the scan with the two little beanie babies right here.

What is your biggest fear about your special pregnancy? Preterm labour (had with Julian) and having five under five!

How is your SO taking it? He's alternating between shocked and very excited. He has always wanted a large family, and he's getting an instafamily!

Are you hungry yet? I'm finding it hard to force myself to eat, actually

How are you sleeping at night? Not very well. I'm very tired but can hardly sleep.

I'm still in a total state of shock. TWINS.

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I have "felt" like it is two from the begining. It will be another month before I am seen by my midwife so still in wait and see mode. I am feeling like it is one of each. My uterus is clearly able to be felt above (but not yet out from behind) my pubic bone. I am bone tired, and am having the worst ms of any of my pregnancies. I am 8w2d.
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