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**JULY California Diaper Party**

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OK Mamas,
We just moved into our new place and I am soooo ready to host an MDC CD Party.

We're in Sacramento. I am thinking mid July?? Hot here so we can make it a CD/Swim party if we want.

LMK if you are interested!
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What's a CD party?

We go up north to see family often, so we might be there
Your house looks great!!
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oooh you know, just an excuse to get a bunch of supa crazy diaper mamas together to gab about CDs, show off CDs, trade CDs, gush over CDs...drool over CDs, ok ok you get the idea!

Also, is weekday or weekend best for everyone?

Hope you can make it, I *may* wanna buy something
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A weekend is best for us.. the weekends of the 10th (oh my bday) and the 24th are the best cause those are the weekend I have Hunter. Probably the 10th is better, I like to go to my sisters for my Bday
How far of a drive is it from Millbrae to Sac?
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Millbrae to Sac is about 2 hours depending on traffic.

I might be up for it, if we can do it on a weekend! I'm over here in Santa Rosa.

ps. Your house looks awesome!
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I'm in- but I'll definitely be doing more drooling than showing off- unless I can score something between now and then. Midweek is better than weekends in early July, but later July anything would work.
thanks for the comlpiments, it's a little bare but we have a sofa coming next week
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Oh and we can do a Thurs-Tuesday surrounding those weekends I listed above
It doesn't HAVE to be on the weekend. And 2 hours is NP!
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OH wait... the 23rd-27th works better! I just remembered that Hunter has surgery on the 13th for tubes! I really don't want to fly until he gets them!
Less of a chance he will get sick and the altitude hurts his poor ears!!
So if it works out for one of those dates, we will be there!
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Ooooo, I would love to go to a cloth diaper party! Although, realistically, I probably wouldn't be able to make it up to Sacramento (from San Jose). But, you never know, so I will follow this thread!

By mid-July, most of my stash will probably be here, even if the babe isn't coming until September!
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There may other SJ Mamas, may you can carpool??

I have made teh drive to SJ, Gilroy a couple times and it is not as bad as I
thought, hope you can make it.

Well, if/when we get a few more mamas, we can start a yahoo group and do a poll for day/time/etc...

I am so excited to see/meet everyone, DCs and their FLUFF!!
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I might be able to do it. I won't know until it is closer. We only have one car.
I may be in Sac on the weekend of the 24 with another CDing mama and if i am i will so be there.........
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bump, i know there are more CA mamas!!
Weekends are best for me! I have 2 friends who also CD that are not on MDC (well one of them lurks)

Your new house looks great!
nice house

that sound fun but i'm a good drive away in long beach and doubt dh would let me drive that far.
Looks like I will be able to make it............. WOOHOO........... I will be in sac visiting a friend
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