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July Mommas June 15- July 1!!!!

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I was going to post in the other thread but couldn't resist starting the one that finally says "JULY!"

SO last night I lost my "plug" I think.. after all day of mucusy discharge it happened around 9. SO I called my mom (lol) and she told me to call my midwife. I felt so dumb, but she said it sounded pretty normal.. The baby is still moving lots ect. so shes going to do an internal on thursday, and we will see whats going on in there LOL

this morning I woke up in a very damp bed and I was freaking out then I realized it was sweat HAHAHA.. thats the last time I let DH turn down the AC!

Ok so I am going into parinoid stage! I think most practitioners expect this.. right??

Oh well I will post on Thursday after my appt. everything should be fine (as usual) and then I can just start freaking out about other things, like packing, and moving, and working lol

I am so excited I start my Mat. Leave on Sunday for a WHOLE YEAR! whoo! and I will get paid slightly more than I would normally get

anyways I gotta go..

Thanks for listening!
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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a thread with the word July in it!! It could not be June 15 already could it? Sure enough it is. I have about 2 weeks left until edd and have soooo much left to do. Diapers are STILL in the box they were delivered be washed and put away somewhere. I have no place to put them yet. I'm dying to get the baby toiletries stocked up, I have to clean my garage, basement, pull weeds, have the gutters cleaned and shingles power washed....

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I had my prenatal appt. today with my MW. Im 37 weeks today. We did the strep B test so Im hoping for the best. I was + with my first but - with the next two. Ive had some swelling in my feet which means Im doing too much but I still have some things to get done. She will be coming agian next Tuesday.

Yesterday I was having such bad stabbing pain in my cervix and some discharge (not bloody) that I thought I would ask her to check me today (she does not do internals unless their is a reason) but today I felt much better today so I really didnt feel like it was necessary. Its days like today that make me feel like I can go another 3 weeks like this but days like yesterday that made me feel like I was going to in to labor in the middle night. Now that I think about it I was having these strong braxton hicks all night up until a while after I got up in the morning.

take care all

Michelle edd 7/7 #4
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Wow, July...getting there finally!

I'm just waiting around to see if anything is going to happen. I still haven't ordered all the diapers ~ hopefully this week. I've gotten out everything else we put into storage, though, and it's all clean and ready to go. I've even gotten my bag packed for the hospital.

I start my weekly visits on Thursday at 37 1/2 weeks ~ what a change from last time when I was going twice a week from 28 weeks on! I've had some intense braxton-hicks but will likely not have any noticeable progress...oh well, I do have a couple weeks to go. I'm just getting impatient. And really uncomfortable. Sometimes I swear I have a lot of pressure for someone not in labor.
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whoot!!! july!!!

I had my prenatal today~I love home visits

33.4 wks
measuring at 36cm
wt- 151
: (thats a 6 lb gain in 2 wks!)
baby's hr 148
bp- 102/48

so far so good, midwife thinks I'll go a lil early..we shall see.. dh thinks baby will be born on his birthday..the 16th...

I have been having mild contractions, usually at night, a lot of pressure...I get my strep test next visit...maybe she'll check to see if I'm thinning out..

so excited and baby shower is on saturday! I have been holding off on a lot of the purchases til after the shower..!
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I'm going to say this, but hope it doesn't jinx anyone.... I'm so glad that none of us has had our babies yet. We are all going to have big strong babies born in the right time.
But I am getting excited about getting it over with and reading all of your stories.

I am running out of room in my belly! The baby is pressing on my ribs and internal organs. yikes, it's uncomfortable. But I want this baby to stay in here as long as he/she needs to. I'm expecting to go past my due date, which is july 3rd, 2 weeks away!!

I never get up this early... 6:30. My DD is still sleeping:LOL I'm into major nesting mode. I've finally gotten the changetable and cradle from my SIL. She's lending me the furniture. The cradle is soooo cute though, it just makes me want to make it all cozy, but I imagine that I won't even use it, but it's fun to have a "nest" to put my babe.

Anyways, sounds like everyone is coming along nicely. Good luck with your births!
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Sunfairy-the 16th is a great day for a baby! It is my birthday too! AND my due date

I am feeling well. 35w5d today. It is so hot here now. Not been in the mood to go for my walks, have not been able to get up and out of bed early enough to beat the heat. It was over 90 by 8 am! Our last two summers were pretty mild compared to the usual, so I think we are in for a HOT one. Thank goodness I will have the baby out soon and will not have to be pregnant through the whole summer like with my two September babies. Next week my midwife should be dropping off a fishy pool to borrow. Almost time to start washing up dipes and clothes. Been sleeping better lately, but still peeing a lot at night. (every two hours!) I measured myself only a week behind this time. If I measre right down the middle, I measure short, but if I measure to the side where the butt is clear up to my ribs then I measure just fine. Wonder if that is why the midwife got such a short measurement that one time. My uterus seems to be very deep. All well, all is fine!
Time to get on with my day.
Thinking of you all and your babes!

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Hey all!

I just got back from the doctor. I am in prodormal labor, which is the phase where the cervix starts to dilate to 3-4 cm. I am 2 cm dilated (less than 1 last week). I have been having regular contractions every 8-10 minutes for the past 2-3 DAYS. I am going insane. They are not intense enough to move me into active labor yet. Sigh.

Please don't flame me, but I got the membranes stripped today. I can't take the days of contractions (I've been contracting for 4.5 weeks now) and I am not sleeping well because of them. I swear, I'll sleep better when she arrives and wakes me at night...

Basically, every thing is ready. We have the carseat installed in my car (still need to put the base in DH's car, but that's easy.) and her room is all ready, the baby bjorn is washed and ready... All set here!
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aww...little moo will be our first

I read my yahoo horoscope, it said "July 23 will be a showstopper, and you'll be the star"

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Foobar ~ Hope everything goes well and Moo makes her appearance soon. I can only imagine how hard all of this must have been, but you'll soon have here in your arms.
Foobar! yay! Keep us up dated and I hope that you are more comfortable soon!
Sigh, unfortunately, prodromal labor can last for WEEKS. I am hoping things pick up again...the contrax stopped earlier today and just started up again. It was weird to go a few hours without them!
relax...visualize your cervix opening more and more with each irregular ina mays guide to childbirth....

lol just my .02 ....wishing you all the best mama
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
I'm going to say this, but hope it doesn't jinx anyone.... I'm so glad that none of us has had our babies yet. We are all going to have big strong babies born in the right time.
But I am getting excited about getting it over with and reading all of your stories.

I feel the same way. At night when I have the intense braxton hicks and cervical pain I cant think of going another 3 weeks but in the day time I feel like I can go the extra time.

Im kind of glad I have not had the baby yet for some reason Im still not mentally ready. I seem to feel that way closer to my edd it has been like that with all of my kids. I already have 3 so you would think I would be ready.


edd 7/7 #4
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Foobar said:
Please don't flame me, but I got the membranes stripped today. I can't take the days of contractions (I've been contracting for 4.5 weeks now) and I am not sleeping well because of them. I swear, I'll sleep better when she arrives and wakes me at night...

No flames from me here. I had prodromal labor with my first for a week and it was not fun. It would happen at night and I used to sleep after 7 am. Hope you feel better soon.


I do that visualzation! I actually feel everything moving slightly. When I get a tough contrax, I say an "aaaaaaah" sound on the out breath. This is what we practiced in yoga to open up the cervix... It make me relax through the contrax too!

Thanks for the suggestion!!!
So My appt. went really well. I am measuring at 35 weeks which is fine, baby appears to be head down, heartbeat is ok. The only thing is I've gained too much weight in the past couple of weeks..
So I've gotta work on that.

I've signed up for a breastfeeding class.. I'm starting to pack my bag just in case.

Two more days of work then I get to stay HOME!

So many things I need to do.. *sigh* moving is very stressful!
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Just started my weekly visits yesterday and nothing to report. Measuring fine, doc is guessing she's going to be about 8 lbs at term {I'm not putting too much faith into a guess, though}, dilated a fingertip.
I think I've started losing my mucous plug, though. Of course, I lost that three weeks before they induced me with ds, lol. Just waiting. Lots of contractions, getting stronger, but not regular in the slightest. Fine with me, though. While I'm getting really uncomfortable, I wouldn't mind waiting another week or so {I'm just about 38 weeks}. At least I finally ordered diapers!!

Heat index of 105 today...I'm off to fill up ds's wading pool.
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Hi everyone

I'll be 38 weeks tomarrow and am definitely feeling that way!! I saw my mw yesterday....measured 40 cm, gained 2 lbs in a week
. I have been suffering very much with terrible hemorrhoids the past 2 weeks or so and my natural remedies were not doing the trick. I simply could not walk or sit anymore...and I can not stay in bed all day with dd to play with. I was literally in tears both Tues and Wed night this week. Anyway, my mw gave me some medicine and actually treated me in her office for the first time yesterday. WOW...I feel soooo much better already!!! Thank goodness, I can now face the next few weeks.

My mw feels that this baby will be bigger than dd (8lbs9oz)...I agree based on how I am feeling and how I am carrying...only time will tell. I have felt a definite increase in bh past few days. The biggest change is I now feel the contraction reaching way down into my pelivs. I am so excited to go into labor spontaneously as with dd I was induced

Hope you all are feeling well

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I'm on complete bedrest now. I went to the doctor yesterday to drop off soem papers and I wasn't feeling well. I asked for my bp to be checked and it was 134/94. They wanted to check my urine and had me come back twhen my ob was back from lunch. I had protein in my urine and my bp was even higher. They made me lie down for about 45 minutes and it went down. So now i'm on bedrest. I can only get up to eat and go to the bathroom. My cervix was completely closed so I'm not a great candidate for an induction. We are try to avoid a c-section so this is best. I'm 37 weeks right now so I know there isn't much more time left.

I hope everyone elso is doing well. I can't wait to hear about our new babies.
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