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June 03 Babes, are we still babes?

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Happy 1st Birthday, Babies!!! What are our babies doing now? How will you/have you celebrate the 1st bday?

Kaiden is crawling like crazy. Over everything, under everything, he's a maniac. He's pulled up a couple of times before today, but today he's been pulling up on everything and looking at me like he just did the coolest thing ever. He says "dog", "dada", "Aah" (which means Aspen), "hi" and has been saying "bababa" when he's hungry...maybe that means "booby" since Aspen is known to either call it booby or milkies. The other day he said "kay", maybe Kaiden? He refuses to say "mama" though, stubborn little guy
Kaiden has 4 teeth fully in and 3 more that just popped through yesterday and today. Here's a picture of him taken the other day.

For his birthday we're going to go to the park. We'll have close friends and family. I'm contemplating getting a vegan cake from Whole Foods for him, but dh says "he doesn't need a cake, he doesn't know the difference" and he's right, but dang it, I want cake!
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It's been a year already??

Taryn's b-day is 6/9 and she is doing that little arm-waving drunk walk here and there. She has a quite a few words but usually just says "Diss" (this) "Dat" (dat) or when she sees a duck, "Dutt!"

We'l be having a little family party at our house this weekend. I can't wait!!
riot, June is beautiful! I love the expression on her face and how innocent she looks standing she's about to go find trouble
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Mine's still a baby!

One next Sunday, the 13th! He can't walk yet, he get's around fine though, thank you. He actually started doing some creeping on hands and knees this last weekend. I think because his usual combat crawl didn't work so well on the beach (He looked like a sea turtle just hatched and headed for the sea). .After a few tries of that he got up on his haunches a bit more! He cruises everywhere, and I think he could walk soon if he chose to, but I don't think he will. Who knows! We rode a ferry to the beach last weekend and he discovered birds. VERY excited about seagulls.

He is really into his shape sorter right now. Great at circles, always reaches for those first. Ocassionally he gets the other shapes too. Gotta start somewhere! He's very verbal, (or should I say vocal) but not anything really recognizable. Understands a good deal, but not sharing with us yet! There may be a 'mama' at times, and occasionally, 'dada' might actually MEAN dada. Then there's the universal word "dootah".

Simple party, a few friends with babies and older siblings. Nothing big. All parties must have cake. It's a simple law of nature.
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