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June Artist Mamas

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I didn't see the other thread that someone had started a few weeks or so ago, so I thought I would make a new one. How all are you art mamas doing? Anything new and exciting (or old and just something you wanna talk about? lol) happening in your creating lately?

I took a break from my sclupture, as I usually do during the process, and did a few other things. Take a look if you'd like.

I think I am going to focus on a collage idea I have been toying with while I break from the paper mache sclupture a bit longer. Anyway, Just wanted to say hello :LOL
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Yay, I love looking at others art!
I am just getting on track working on my 1st draft of my creative component. Right now, it feels like it is anything other than creative. I plan on doing my oral exams at the end of the month and cross my fingers pass... and graduate! In the mean time, I just started teaching art apprec. again on last Wed., and I miss my studio profusely. Someday I will get to see it again.
I hope you are all inspired mamas!
Good to see you Melissa
I hope you get to see your studio again soon. Do you enjoy the teaching? It sounds really fun. Good luck on oral exams
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shameless bump.... :LOL Many artist mamas must be busy arting or Mothering
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I'm an artist, but currently a VERY TIRED one.
Wow, UnschoolinMa...both of your paintings are beautiful but that first one is absolutely splendid
! I'm a shy art mama
, not ready to share yet and just a tad intimidated by the beauty of yours! Wow!
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I want to join the artist mamas!
I'm an frustrated artist right now. I have a 4 month old and a 2.5 yo and not much time to create. How do you find the time? I have dreams about paintings but have a hard time getting to them! I want to knit, collage, paint, design, quilt, etc. Sooo many ideas and soooo little time.
I work part-time as a graphic designer but that doesn't fulfill my OWN creative needs. I'm doing client work here. Not much freedom.
Okay, just wanted to say hi.
Yay, I am experiencing a brief reprieve... I turned in my creative component (like a thesis with pictures) last Wed. and I got to go to my studio again last night. Sigh. It has been monthes since I have been able to get out... I feel so bad for treating like a storage space. If everything goes well, I will survive my orals next Thurs. and have minimal revisions so that I can spend the rest of my summer hanging with my kids and going to my studio at least 4 days a week- I am hoping... I think I will get to go their again tomorrow, Yay! I am tentatively making a pendant for my major professor just so long as everything goes well and I graduate.

Artgirl, I have had similar problems with getting time to work on stuff for myself. Graduate school has ate away all of my time for the past 4 monthes. I had to join an artist cooperative because I needed dedicated space. I also don't work for more than three hours at a time, but it is usually more like one and a half. Dh usually watches the kids, but sometimes my mom or a sitter do if I have a project due. As kids have gotten older, it has become easier.
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I haven't been around here in a while.. I wanted to post the big project I mentioned in the other thread.

I mosaic'd this table and chairs set for my friend for her moms wedding.

bistro 1

bistro 2

Unschoolinma, how is your sculpture coming? I am still looking forward to seeing a picture!
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