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June Challenge

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Would anyone like to do a challenge for June? Would you prefer another number goal like we did for May? Perhaps an area or type of item to declutter or oganise like laundry, financial papers, dishes, closets, food storage?
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I am in too.

I liked the number-challenge in May although I joined late. 200 was a very good number.

But I would like doing an area - especially storage areas. Food-, books-, clothes- I have lots of storage areas that are out of control.

What will it be?
I love reading these threads for motivation and would love to join in

Working on an area sounds good to me, for example our office and all the papers and "to-be-done" piles are terrible!
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I would love to join in too. I had a huge declutter when we moved 6 months ago but things are getting out of control again.
I'm in - my focal point for June is my closet. We don't have much storage in our house so all the 'extras' end up in our walk-in closet. Clothes the kiddos have outgrown, clothes for next season, financial paperwork, etc etc.
OK, so we pick a spot in our home, is that how it works? I would like to finish putting the winter clothes away, clear out the text books that we don't need or don't use anymore, and organize ds1's bedroom.
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I am working on organizing the boys' room & our room (though admittedly our room is mostly needing me to put away the mountains of clean clothes!). I bought some canvas storage containers today for toys, etc. and bought each family member their own laundry baskey so I don't have to sort it all the time.
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I'm in, the May challenge was too much a challenge with all we had going on but I vowed I would do June. Maybe just state our goals like some pps and we can help each other along.

My goal is to:

Take 75 items out of my home. I already have 40 items that I have discarded this month to the church rummage sale and I want to do more so 35 more to go.

Declutter linen closet,
foyer closet,
and pantry (see pantry challenge meal planning for further detail!)
Spice racks
snack cabinet
office drawers
file cabinet

Also work on DH to work on our garage a bit more. He has done an excellent job but we need to do a bit more.

It actually takes me only about 15-30 minutes to go thru each task but just writing it down and getting it done is the challenge! Now that I have a declutter system in place for a few years, its so easy to do.
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I just got back from a couple days at the beach and I am ready to declutter, organize, and simplify big time!

It seems there are some people who want another declutter challenge with a goal number and others want a room/area to focus on. I'll start another thread combining the two preferences as best I can.
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