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Jury Duty

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I know this has probably been covered in the past so forgive my not searching. I have a baby cutting molars and a bunch of other kids crying. Is there an exception for nursing mothers for Jury duty? THANK YOU !
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I got a summons for jury duty, and I replied, asking for an exemption that stated my case. Okay, I made my situation sound a wee bit more dire than it actually is, but here's the gist of what I said, and they let me off the hook...

I stay at home and take care of my baby at home who is exclusively breastfed and who does not take bottles. I have no one to care for him, and no extra income to pay for childcare at this time. Unless you allow me to bring my baby with me, I cannot be a juror at this time.

It worked...they excused me (for NOW, the ominous reply said, lol)

Another benefit to breastfeeding, IMO.

Tresa, mommy to Logan, 6mos
My SIL is in NV and she called the # on her summons and got excused. The first person she spoke with said that she could not get an excuse, so her response OK, I am bringing my baby then. So thenshe asked for a supervisor and that person gave her an "excused for now" try to call or write. I say call first, easier........

Good luck!!!!
Look up your state here:


Some states also have exemptions if you are the primary caregiver for children under a certain age. You could also call the court clerk and ask what their requirements for an exemption are.
I would do it but I would be boobin my babe all during litigation

I bet that will make the news *insert mischief smilie*
the family friendly site is really good. it just depends on the state as to what the exemtions are. i just told my state (NC) that i was the primary care-giver for my young children and a nursing mother. i did not state my kids ages which were 4 and 1 or so and i was still nursing both of them. no problem on my exemption and i haven't been called back yet.
I got summoned recently and simply replied with " I'm currently BFing a baby that does not take bottles. I would have to bring him with me if I serve on the jury". I got a letter saying I was exempt. I can't imagine them making you serve under the circumstances.
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