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Just a little wee mope

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Hey all, I just got my period today. And while dh and I aren't really *trying* to get pregnant again, we're certainly not using protection and would be thrilled to turn up pregnant without having to stress about o days and the like.

This is the month that I would have had the baby if I hadn't miscarried, so it's sort of weird to not even be pregnant at all yet. I thought I would be pregnant again by the time the baby would have come I guess. And I'm not.

I guess we need to start "trying" harder.
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Carlyle every period's a blow and a reminder. I didn't want to buy any more stuff thinking, next month I won't need it any more. Also didn't want to use a tampon on my first short LP AF thinking it might ust be implanation bleeding, using a tampon makes it more real that it's AF.

The magic will happen at some point and then all the AF disapointment will melt away. We'll all be blessed with a baby again, it's just a matter of time as to when it actually happens.
The month you were due has to be a difficult time anyway. I'm so hoping that I will be pg by the time it comes around, because it's a double blow otherwise.

Hope it happens for you soon.
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I'm so sorry sweetie. I really hoped that you were pregnant this cycle. I'm thinking about you tons and hoping that this month isn't too hard on you. I love you, hunny! I hope the spring air helps you get pregnant this time around.
: Call me anytime.
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We were taking a laid back approach this past month too, but when AF hit it was really hard for me.

I hope next month is your month!
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Thanks guys. It's so nice to just feel like I'm not crazy, you know?
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