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Just a quick thanks...

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to all those who recommended ACV as a cure for dandruff. DD was having dandruff pretty bad. I bought her some Head and Shoulders but that only seemed to make it worse. Then it hit me that somebody here probably knew a natural cure, so I did a search and saw several people say ACV really worked. After 2 uses it made a HUGE difference. So thanks!

Although we both have a hard time with the smell. Smells like rotten apples and dirty feet. Not pleasant.
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I hadn't heard of that!
That's cool!

I've been wondering in general from the no-poo conversations...
does it have to be ACV?
Does white vinegar not do the same thing?
I thought Ph was the main thing, so why is ACV the favorite?
I have no idea. That's a good question. But everything I ran across said ACV, so that's what we've been using. I'd much rather use regular vinegar if I could because it doesn't smell anywhere near as awful as ACV. Hopefully someone will know the answer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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