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ok, i need some input and reassurance from you btdt moms.

my 9 month old ds has been running a fever for about 36 hours now. it has been hovering at about 101 since yesterday afternoon, ds has been whiny and clingy. he hasn't really been interested in solids but is nursing a lot. about an hour ago his fever peaked (105 by ear thermometer, but i know those aren't terribly accurate) and he threw up a bunch of soured milk. i bathed us, redressed him and he pooped - not really diarrhea, more like ebf baby poop that smelled a little like sour milk. his fever seems to have broken now, my last several readings have been 98 - 99.

a few minutes before he vomited i gave him some tylenol. i had been trying to just wait it out and let the fever do its job, but he was waking up crying every 20 minutes and seemed really hot. my ds has also been very sick this week - a bad cold with a little bit of fever and some hot flashes.

i guess i'm just looking for reassurance - am i on the right path by just waiting it out and nursing him a lot?
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