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Just an FYI... when your mw/dr says to take it easy after giving birth, do it...

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I didn't. At all. And it bought me a nasty case of endomyometritis (a uterine infection), 4 days of a high fever, IV antibiotics, and a 4 day hospital stay. NOT fun. I don't recommend it.

Skyler and I got in some really good bonding time though. And I got REALLY caught up on my TLC shows that I haven't watched in forever. But I still don't think the pluses outweighed the negatives. Especially when I got home and had to deal with the diapers that had been sitting in the pail for a week. I now have lovely mold stains in one of my only worn once kissaluvs diapers.
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Oh no. I hope you feel better.

What kinds of things were you doing?

Originally Posted by autumnfaery
I didn't. At all. And it bought me a nasty case of endomyometritis (a uterine infection), 4 days of a high fever, IV antibiotics, and a 4 day hospital stay. NOT fun. I don't recommend it.
Oh no!!! I did notice that we didn't hear from you for awhile, but assumed it was cause you were blissed out on your babymoon.
I hope you're feeling better now & the backed up housework is sorting out.

Thanks for the reminder for us
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Awww...I'm glad you're home, now, but a 4 day hospital stay doesn't sound like much fun. Now you'll take it easy, right?
Autumn that SUCKS! So sorry for you. I agree with wanting to know what kinds of things you were doing? I need that reminder since I am notorious for overdoing things in life in general. Thanks!
So sorry you got so sick. What a bummer! I just have to say - having done this three times prior - rest, rest, rest! My mw told me not to get out of my jammies for three days, and I was only allowed one trip up and down the stairs in my house each day during those three days. I did what she told me last time, and the difference in my recovery was amazing. I don't even think I am going to come downstairs for three days this time. Seriously - our bodies need the time to heal. It really does make a difference. (voice of experience - LOL!)
I wish I would have read this sooner - hope your feeling better mama!

I haven't slowed down at all either and I'm really starting to feel it. I did stick around the house the first week, but have been doing household chores, etc.

time to slow down.
Thanks everyone!

For inquiring minds, here's a rundown of what I did that got me in trouble.

Day 1 I was pretty good, laying around like I should have been.
Day 2 I took Skyler in for a quick checkup, but had to come back later in the afternoon (I was really late and had to reschedule). I also stopped by my dr for my rhogam shot and made a trip to the pharmacy. (that's 2 times out of the house with babe in tow, and 4 stops.)
Day 3 was mostly typical mom duties. Meal prep, dishes, kids in bed, etc. Nothing too horrible, but I certainly didn't spend much time sitting down, let alone lying (laying?) down.
Day 4 was what really did me in. The IL's were coming (I was informed that morning) for an extended stay. I picked up the house, did laundry and dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, shoveled the poop in the yard, visited at my neighbors with Skyler for awhile, then spent the evening wrestling with my obnoxious 80lb dog after the IL's showed up.
Morning of Day 5....fever. Blech.

I think it was the dog wrestling and poop shoveling that really put me over the edge. Oh, and I was staying up until my usual bedtime, which is usually 1am or later. Not because baby was keeping me up, but because I wanted to. I think I forgot that sleep is important in the recovery process!

Let this be an example of what NOT to do when recovering from childbirth.

I do want to add one thing though. My poor stretched out, used and abused uterus just isn't as efficient at doing what it needs to do post birth either. Which didn't help the situation. And to think I thought not having afterpains was a good thing! I guess not, at least not in my case.
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So sorry you got sick. THanks so much for passing on your wisdom! All moms tend to push themselves, and it helps to be reminded that we deserve to rest and have lots of help after giving birth.
oh, my gosh woman!! Reading all that makes my head spin, no wonder you ended up in the hospital! I can barely do all that on a good day right now and I only have one kid. I'm so sorry you got sick but I'm glad someone forced you to slow down.
I can't believe you got an unexpected IL visit sprung on you, that's ridiculous. Rest up now, mama!

(making a mental note to stay in jammies for 3 days post birth)
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