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just ate green potatos, should I worry?

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My dh made mashed potatos tonight and I noticed that some of it was greenish. I asked him if the potatos were green & he said some of them were. I told him that green potatos are supposed to be toxic, but he said I worry too much - so I looked it up online (after dinner), sure enough, in large amounts, they are toxic. I didn't eat a large amount, but I ate some, tired of being the "worrier". I avoided the greenest parts. But since I am 12 weeks along, I wonder how it may affect the baby? Hope I didn't just do a dumb thing...
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interesting, i had never heard that one before. but, as with everything else, i believe in moderation is fine. for example, i don't think a little artificial sweetner, deli meat or tuna is going to cause harm to you or the baby. i would say green potatoes are included

try not to worry!
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AFAIK (whihc is from my farmer grandfather--pretty reliable, I think), it's only the actual green parts that are bad. If you peeled them or avoided the green parts it's fine.

Other than that, yeah, moderation is the key. But I finally threw out four potatoes bc they were covered in green and I hate peeling potatoes.

Rule of thumb: never buy potatoes in paper bags. If you can't see 'em, you can't avoid the bags taht are *all green*, like the last bag I got.
Just fyi, here is why I posted (see link) - of course, this is worse-case-scenario but worth knowing I guess - especially since I have been craving mashed potatos lately. Love deli meat & sausages when I'm pregnant too, lol...
When I got pregnant, my husband (all but graduated from med school) urged me to stay far away from potatoes, because they're linked to birth defects. How, why, anything like that -- he couldn't remember.

So I did my own research and found that while solanine can be bad news, I read (if I recall correctly) that it's really only bad before the neural tube closes (5 weeks or so). Plus nobody really knows the concentration that's bad, and it's probably more than you would have gotten with a few greenish taters. Try not to worry about it.
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