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Just back from vacation -- a review of cd'ing on the road

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We just got back from a trip to Missouri. It was a 15-hour drive each way; we left Wednesday afternoon and got back Tuesday morning. The place we stayed did have a washer ($1/load) and dryer (free), as well as full bathroom facilities. I was sooooo nervous about cd'ing on the trip, but was determined to make it without using sposies, mainly because I knew that there were women there who might have never seen cds in action and I wanted to advocate in my own way. So, here's my review. Hope it's helpful to someone!

I took the following from my stash:
18 premium prefolds
2 wool pull-on soakers
2 wool snap covers
3 BSSWs (that came in the mail the morning that we left!!)
6 AIOs

My plan was to use the AIOs in the van there and back, and pfs/covers while at the camp site.

I've had these AIOs for months. They're my diaper bag stash and I've never had a problem with them before. So, I put her in one of them right before we left Wednesday afternoon. We stopped every couple of hours, and I changed her whenever she was wet (of course). This worked okay until early Thursday morning. She leaked out of one, completely soaking her pants. So, I changed her dipe & pants. Within 10 minutes (I'm not kidding) she soaked through that dipe and pants. The next stop, she had leaked through again. At that point I was out of AIOs, so I decided to try trifolding in the BSSW. BRILLIANT!!! Seriously, I
these things. No more leaking the rest of the trip.

So, the rest of the trip, the only time I used my snappis or pins was nighttime. Otherwise, I trifolded in either a BSSW or my CWC. No leaks at all, the entire time. I didn't use my pretty knitted soakers at all, but I did show them off to the fiber-arts folks who were there. That was fun!

Thank goodness the restroom facilities were spotless. I didn't mind dealing with the poopy dipes there at all. I had to wash twice, Friday and Sunday, and brought a bottle of Sun and TTO along. I did a cold wash with TTO and a hot wash with a little bit of Sun and more TTO. That went fine, except we left the Sun & TTO behind.
Oh well, we had more at home!

I did the trifold in a wrap for the trip home, too, with no problems at all.

So, we're home again, and I would SO do it again! I had a few people ask me about them and actually gave a quick demo to a friend who's looking to adopt soon. She and her dh talked about cding a while back, but her mother told her it was soooo hard. I'm sure it made a difference having her see us doing it with no problems.

Aside from the travel-specific experience, I am SO sold on trifolding. DD spends most of her time with me around the house in a coverless snappied pf, but when we're going off somewhere, I'll be reaching for the pfs and wraps more and more. I had been holding on to my AIOs for diaper bag use, but that may be history!
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Thank you for sharing! sometimes my son leaks through diapers that previously had been no problem.
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