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Just coming off the minipill

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Do any of you have experience with the minipill and your fertility returning after taking it?

I was having pretty regular around-30-day-cycles with the minipill. This is my first cycle off it. It's CD17 and I just had like 6 days in a row of EWCM with a high cervix... but today the CM is a little more sticky and gummy and I haven't ovulated (using OPK's and also temping). Interesting. I wonder if the CM will be totally out of sync with when (or if) I ovulate this month. I guess I should have expected to have a funky cycle for my first one off the minipill... my fertility came back so quickly with DD1 that I expected a pretty normal one this time around.

Have any of you had funky cycles the first one off birth control - and especially the minipill?
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No personal experience, but I teach NFP and one thing we teach those who are just coming off HBC is that their mucus observations the first month or two may be totally weird and not be in sync with their temps at all... therefore we teach a 5-day temperature only rule for the first couple of months, where you would look for 5 days of elevated temperatures to consider yourself in post ovulation infertility (this would be if you were TTA). If this is your first month off and you are TTC, you might want to wait one more cycle so the residual hormones are out of your system. Obviously they may still be in your system and are making things a little wonky, and the jury is still out on getting pg with hormones in your system...
take care

This is my first month off the mini pill too but my periods were never regular on them: heavy periods some months, light others and then cycle ranging from 21-28 days...then again, I'm still nursing too so I'm not sure if that what was throwing it off

This will be my first "non pill" cycle so I'll be watching to see what happens...
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Thanks for the helpful answer nfpmom
How did you learn to be a natural family planning instructor?
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this is my first month charting and off mini pill, I just read in TCOYF that the residual progesterone can cause the EWCF, we should stick together and see what happens.
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Not sure what the mini pill is? This is my first month off the pill. I'm not charting or tracking, but just waiting to see what happens. Has anyone noticed physical changes after coming off the pill? I noticed that I spotted for longer than I usually do as my period ended.

I've been poking around some of the other discussions that have talked about ways to "cleanse" the hormones out of your system. I've started doing some yoga poses that are supposed to help. Not sure that it will, but it's worth a shot. I'm also eating and drinking as though I were pregnant. Are any of you doing anything special to help the process?

Anyone out there become pregnant the first month after stopping the pill?
I went off the mini pill in '95 after about ten years (more or less - few breaks). I was a raging lunatic while my hormones readjusted! Dh said NEVER again on bcp for me! I agree!
Anyway! My women's health care specialist recommended three months with condoms to get everything out of my system and my cycle back to normal. I waited six. Got pregnant the first month we ttc (so seven months after stopping the mini pill).
Good luck!
Hi all, this is my first month off the pill (not the minipill though). So far, I'm on CD34 and I don't think I've ovulated yet because my temps have been all over the place
. I really hope it doesn't take long for my cycles to get back "up and running" because we want to TTC as soon as possible!
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Hi everyone,
Well I thought I'd let you know how I was going!
I am on cd10 off the pill, My temp are finally a bit stable and my cycle seems to be on track!
The first few days off the pill were YUK! Hot flashes , headache adn I was in a BADDDD mood! I feel alot better now, but the zits have started to arrive
I do yoga twice a week and am taking Femaprin, a hormone balancing suppliment ( from wild oats) I also drink moon cycle hormone balance tea every day.

All thats seems to be working well, we will see if and when I O, that will be the true test!
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