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Just found out on Thursday that I'm pg with #2!

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Hello to everyone.....

I just wanted to ask a question here to all the moms that are still bf'ing and pg.

What can I do, aside from luck, I suppose, to keep my milk supply up? DD will be one next month and I would have liked for her to nurse as long as she wants to. I know that I am going to feel bad if/when she weans b/c of this pg, so I am wondering what I can do to help out my milk supply.

I don't think that my supply has dropped yet, if anything, it seems like it's increased. I can hear dd swallowing like mad.

So, is there any hope for my supply? Does the nursling's age have anything to do with their determination to nurse no matter what?

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Congratulations on your new
! I also found out last week! I don't have any advice for you, but I wanted to suggest that you also post this in the breastfeeding forum!
And feel free to come and join the June Mommas-to-be thread!
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Hi, congrats. I nursed through preg. two and went on to tandem nurse. I have no idea when milk supply went down since DD never waned in her interest. She continued to nurse though I knew at some point I had no more milk. TBH, I think she might be nursing to this day had I let her. I hope taht at least inspires you, that even if your milk depletes, they might still nurse. She was a little under two when I conceived and around 2yrs 7 mos when DS was born.
This time, we're not doing it, though.

Good luck. I think it usually what you make of it. I know many many moms that continued through pregnancy. HTH
First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. I am also due in June. Join us on the June boards!
I am currently still nursing my 7th child also. I have not yet tandem nursed, although I have gotten pregnant while nursing 6 times. The closest I came to it, was nursing my 3 1/1yo 2 weeks before his brother was born. My nurslings typically weaned about halfway through my pregnancies.
My ds now, I think will continue to nurse for a while, and possibly we will tandem nurse. If it happens, I am fine with it, but if not, I think he wil be ready to wean.
I only know what my tandem nursing friends have relayed to me. We also will be tandem nursing when this new one comes in June, congrats!

Milk being whatever it is (there are changes in taste, consistency, volume whether you are with child or not) it is most important if you are desirous of your babe to continue nursing, that you not discourage or create an uncomfortableness about it. My nipples are a little sore, but i lay and nurse tristan and love it and make it fun for him. His nursing has picked up without any sign of less milk, like you said he is swallowing a lot. He actually seems a little chubbier after just a few days of wildly increased nursing!

Not all women lose their milk. Losing one's milk, in any situation, is often caused by a combination of behaviors and physical happenings on both baby and mother's part.

At some point, my milk will turn towards the making of colostrum for the new baby. Its fine for ds to nurse this, even very healthy. I have heard here on mdc of some babies that stopped liking the milk's taste, and either quit for good or quit until the milk returned after the baby's birth.

I am very sure tristan will not be weaned ion my pregnancy. He is aevery 15 minute nurser, loves his boobie, and i look forward to nursing him all 9i months, during my labor and beyond!

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