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Just got back from my OB.....

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and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat! Such a sweet sound!! I'm 14 weeks and 2 days.

I can't believe I'm this far along already. I just wish I could jump to the third trimester. We lost a baby at 20 weeks and another at 16 weeks so the next few weeks are going to be pretty tough for us. My doctors never could figure out why we lost our babies. I never had any signs of problems. But today was a great reassurance.

Well, the boys are calling for me. I just wanted to share my happy news with all of you! Have a great day!
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Hi Jenny!

I totally understand about wanting to jump ahead!! We lost one baby at 17.5 weeks & I am 14 weeks & some days now. I am trying very hard to enjoy this pregnancy!!

We have our 2nd m/w appt. next week & we hope to hear the
again *we had an early sono & heard it then*
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That's great news!! I hope that everything goes well for you, you are so strong to have a positive attitude after what you've been through.
Congratulations on hearing that sweet sound! I know what you mean about wanting to jump ahead, it's hard work staying positive and in the now!
Yay, I love the sounds of a beautiful strong heartbeat. Congrats and great job at growing that sweet baby
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Congrats on hearing the heartbeat. I can't wait til I can but I am sure it will be a few weeks more!
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