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Just had a Revelation!

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Ava is generally a super heavy wetter at night - hence my past posts re: getting something trim enough for make it semi-comfortable and yet absorbant enough.

Well, the past 3 nights....she has slept through the night!
Now I am not optimistic enough to presume she is done night-waking (although I would be SO darn happy). But anyway, all 3 nights when she woke up, her diaper was only about 1/2 wet. It a highly unusual event to take off her nighttime dipe and not have it dripping wet, so this is a major accomplishment.

i just put 2 and 2 together - if she doesn't wake at night to nurse, she won't pee as much, and won't need as absorbant of a diaper! Wow! When I would hear other's diaper combos, I would never understand how that would work for nighttime, but now I get it!

So, fingers crossed she is a through-the-night sleeper from now on, ok?
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Zach is 7 months old and he has been sleeping through the night (10-8) since he was about 2 months old. An all hemp SOS with a doubler does him just fine. And I have occasionally been tucking a wool liner under the doubler. And then I use a wool cover. His diaper is often quite dry when I use the doubler and the wool liner.
Lucky you, sleeping through at 2 months! I wish. I'll be so happy if this lasts - although she is waking now at 5:15am. OUCH!!
FYI - Nathan still doesn't sleep through the night and at 10 months old only has once (like 6 months ago). He night nurses 2-4 times during the night and then heavily nurses in the morning before we get out of bed.
You're in good company!
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