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I just have to say that Health insurance sucks. I don't get why they don't cover midwives! - even CNM's within a practice that they already contract with! - when it would save THEM money! My husband's employer is switching insurance the first of the year - I am due the 7th. Our current provider (out of california) covers the midwife (cnm) I have seen for both of my previous births. The new one (also out of california) doesn't contract with midwives IN MICHIGAN. Really - you decide this on a state wide basis?!?

So now I am praying I give birth before the new year or else I am seriously considering not "making it" to the hospital on time!!

Just had to get that out - I so do not feel like fighting for my birthing choices at this stage in the game!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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