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Just my luck

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We started cloth diapering yesterday and everything was going really well. I was even brave enough to use cloth over night (no leaks, yay!). Of course this morning while doing laundry my washer breaks. It no longer spins or agitates. Stupid machine. So I guess once I am out of diapers (I don't have many yet) we are back to disposables until the washer gets fixed. Someone is coming to look at it tonight and I hope it's nothing too serious.
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Aaaww, the same thing happened to me not too long ago. And right now actually. The repairman says he will be here in the am...hope these kids don't have a "busy" night!!! :LOL
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The repair guy came, listened to how my machine sounded and knew exactly what was wrong. We live half an hour out of the nearest city so getting repair people in always takes forever and costs and arm and a once they are here they usually have to go back to the city to get a part.

Not this time.

We called a local guy in town who used to work for Sears as an appliance repair man and luckily he had the part he needed to fix it. Twenty minutes, and only $65 later, it was fixed! Usually it costs that much just to get the darn repair guy to come to my house, lol.

I must be weird because I am excited about washing my diapers now, lol.
NO FUN! I hope it gets fixed soon and you can use those dipes, mama!!! :
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Yeah for your washer being fixed!! My washer broke a few months ago and I was actually excited about looking for a new one, I missed washing my diapers.
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