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I’m a single mother of a 5 year old who just started school for the first time. She was just diagnosed with ADHD , and already got kicked out of kinder the first week. I work a full time job, shift work to be able to afford everything on my own. I have no one to lean to and I feel the world is crushing down on me. I leaned to her father for ideas on ideas on options I could do for schooling and just got blamed for her bad behavior. He has never been in the picture , and doesn’t send a dime yet has so much to say about my parenting . I just need words of advise to keep me going. I feel so alone and stuck. Like I have failed as a mom.
I think it is common for every parent at some point to feel like they are have failed or are failing. Life does not come with instructions. One important thing to remember is to stay in the moment, focus on what is going on right now and understand that anything with a negative focus is a waste of time and energy. Does your daughters school have any resources? If she was just diagnosed she should be getting onto an EIP which means she will receive services at school to help her. They should also be able to direct you to outside resources. I found that with my son certain supplements helped. Do some research it is worth a try. Also do not forget to take care of you. You cannot give your best if you are not at your best. You are worth some sort of self care on a daily basis, remember this! You Matter! Also, one of my downfalls was not staying organized, such a simple concept yet it makes a world of a difference. Use a planner, write things down, pre-plan etc. It makes a world of a difference. One of my favorites addresses important dates, meals, priorities and more. Here is the link. I wish you the best! Daily Planner: Mom's Helper: Vida, Balanced: 9798796601600: Books
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