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just needing support

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Hi everyone...

too bad we need to be on "this board" but I'm glad I can go somewhere and vent.

I'm in the 2ww. We started TTC last month (nothing...which of course triggered a flood of emotions). I'm hoping I'm pregnant this month. I don't like feeling so "attached" to an outcome. This whole thing is not fair...One m/c was bad enough...but two!!!???

I'm trying to trust my body and the universe. I "know" there is a reason for everything. I passed our first baby's July due date...second baby would be due next month...It's so hard sometimes.

Thanks for listening. If you could keep me in your thoughts..I'd appreciate it!
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Abylite - you are in my thoughts.
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Abylite you are in my thoughts and prayers, I too am now ttc following a mc last month and the emotions are so overwhelming. Good luck and know I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too.

You are in my thoughts.

Blessings Mama!
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abylite~~ we can go through this next month together! I have been dreading this day . I lost my baby right before you lost your sweet one. we were due close to the same time. I know its hard and you will get there. thinking of you
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I understand your anxiety. And jsut a takes awhile for it to go away after you get you bfp

I hope this 2ww goes by fast and that you get that bfp soon!

My losses were earlier than yours...6weeks and a chemical pregnancy but they were around the same time. Its weird to think that our first losses were almost a year ago. Nov 19 is that day we lost our Sweetpea and the second babe was lost in March....
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Thank you for your warm and kind replies. I know some of have gone through all this at about the same time. I know there is hope. I'm DPO 6 today....going by soooo slow!!!!!

Thanks again....!!!
{{{{{ Abylite }}}}}

How I recognize your emotions! And having a due date come up does not help at all with the ttc-ing. I so badly wanted to be pregnant before a certain due date, and it was really hard when I wasn't. And yes, it just isn't fair to have to go through the whole 2ww rollercoaster ride, while you should have been holding your baby already, or preparing for the birth!!!!!

I hope this is your cycle!!!! Do you have a chart to share so we can obsess with you?


Karen...I've never officially charted. Usually we can get pg within 3 months or so. I hope it's the same this time around. This is the second month we've been officially trying again.

I'm glad you all understand! Hope eveyone is feeling well.

How are you doing? My heart goes out to you...

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