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just sharing our first "solid"

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ok, so it's not exactly a solid but it was in semi-solid form. Ds has been very interested in the food around the house lately and intently watches everyone else eat. He almost frantically tries to steal food or utensils right out of my hand and attempts to shove them into his mouth. I don't want to start any solids because he is only 4.5 months and I'm very content with EBF but he seems very ready to give a new texture a go.

so I decided to pump right after his morning feeding since he isn't able to completely drain me then anyway. I put the ounce I got out into the freezer. After a nursing session about 20 minutes ago I decided to give him a taste of the brestmilk slushy I made him. I mashed it up a bit and began to spoon feed it to him. Once he got over the shock of the cold he quickly grabbed the spoon from me and began to feed it to himself
. It was just so darn cute I had to snap some pics. He enjoyed his spoonfed slushy and didn't push a bit of it back out with his tongue.

I'm glad I found yet another loophole to get around ever using bottles or giving solids before 6 or 8 months.

stealing the spoon. He's not so sure about tempature just yet.

"hmmmm, I think this might be allright."

"hey, this stuff IS good.... and oddly familiar."
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Great idea! I think they mostly just want to play and copy our actions of "eating" even thought they get all their nutrients from breastmilk. I'm definitely going to try that in the future with our new little one!
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How CUTE!!!!!!! What a great idea, too!
That's really sweet and clever.
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when I heard the idea myself I thought, "why haven't I thought of that already!?"
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