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just starting a separate thread

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i was just diagnosed with shingles today. weird, i'm just 27years old. it's at the oozy blistery stage right now day 5 since i noticed the rash. i'm nursing and thought it was thrush in a weird place because it is between my breasts but it's not. just saw the doctor this morning.

by the way, if anyone is interested, i have an 11month old, and a almost 4 year old, and an 8 year old. we do not vaccinate. they aren't showing symptoms yet.

oh and i am in warwick, ri.
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We are always interested in CP!
Please let me know if your kids get them and you are up for sharing.

Oh and we are in Providence.
I thought you could only get shingles if you already had the chicken pox...and that you couldn't get chicken pox from the shingles...did I get that wrong?
I think you *CAN* get CP from shingles and you can get shingles if you have had CP.

We are totally interested and are in the Prov. area.
Oh darn! We are having a baby any day now so we're out. I do wish we could get CP now tho! Good luck to those looking for it and
to those who get it!

Maybe in a few months for us....I'll be checking and look forward to a pox party in a few months
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would a 13 month old be ok to get chicken pox?
Is she still nursing Ariana? from what I understand, she may be okay to get cp, but if she's still nursing, she may not get enough pox to give her lifelong immunity.
yeah, she's still nursing for probably 75% of her calories...hmmmm...
I think she would still get a full case because of her age though. Maybe check in the vax forum?
the first couple of responses to my thread in the vax forum say "go for it"
ok, so we definitely want in.......justmama, are you going to wait until your kids are symptomatic before having a "pox party"? because if your blisters haven't all crusted over yet, you yourself are still contagious.....

just a thought -- although you might not want strange babies down your shirt, hehe
I'm wondering if I should expose DS again. He had them when he was 5 months old and exclusively breastfeeding. I heard that he may not be immune because of that... Any thoughts?

subbing...searching for the pox for my little one
justmama, how are you feeling these days? I hope you are not miserable!
Shingles is a reactivation of your chicken pox virus which lays dormant in the nerves. It occurs when you have a dampened immune system. the fluid filled blister can cause cp in those who haven't had it, but if they blisters are dired up and crusted over they won't spread the virus.
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