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Just starting - need help with reacting quicker

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We have just begun using the potty - Some days we hardly use a diaper - other days my intuition that we need to use the potty goes off as my son pees/poops on the floor signing "potty". My husband says that if I was a poker player I'd be 1 hand behind. I guess I need to react quicker on my instincts. Also having a problem that the pee leaks out of the potty (in the crack between the actual potty and the removable basin) - any suggestions? I had to hold my sons feet up today as he peed in the potty since the pee was leaking out of the sides onto the floor!
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Get a potty like the bblp that doesn't have a separate seat. Since you need to get more potties anyway so you can have one in each room.
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