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Just want to cry... want to quit so bad

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It might be my pregnany hormones talking, but I can not handle my job anymore. To problem is I can't quit. First of all, we really need the money right now to pay off school loans and other debt. Secondly, I have a good deal at my job where I only work in the office 3 days a week and "work at home" the other 2, but get paid full-time at a very nice salary. I'm not going to get that at any other ad agency. So If I left, I'd probably have to work all 5 days, many more hours or take a big salary cut. And how many places are going to hire a 5-month pregnant woman.

I just am not motivated to deal with all the BS of business politics. Yesterday was a WFH day, in the morning I took DS to the pediatrician, and then we went to Whole Food and Trader Joe's and then met DH for lunch. I got a glimpse of how happy my life could be. I had the same feelings when I was pregnant with DS, so maybe it's just my hormones. I've talked to DH and he thinks we'll be able to swing my being home in 4-years, I just really want to close my door and cry today. Ahh the hormones.
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I dont know what to say.

The situation you have at work does sound good however. I am sure your hormones are affecting your coping ability at work. Who wants to deal with BS at work? I dont! Especially when i was pregnant and all i wanted to to was think about my baby and feel him or her move.
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Big Hugs! I'm sorry you're having a rough day. I hope things get better quickly.
I know how you feel in a lot of respects, but I can't up and leave because I lose my insurance.

Ahhh do seem to see the silver lining... You sound like a independant thinker in the top of her field... Speak your mind about the BS and blame it on the hormones if you piss anyone off but hey maybe something will change.
Thanks for the support everyone,

My boss actually sent me an e-mail yesterday apoligizing for being such a **tch lately. She's been under a lot of pressure for a project she's working on and I'm next in line, so when she's innundated I get it first hand. It made me feel alot better to know that she see's what she's been like and the effect it has on her team.
Hi there, I've been there with the ache to just walk out some days, and I finally did when my little guy was 5months. Couldn't take it anymore, and thankfully things have worked out since then. Somehow we've managed to get by. You are the only one to know how much you can handle and what's best for your family. Blessings and hugs to you! Jeanette
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