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Just want to gush about my new Didy...

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I bought a Didymos...the Jonas pattern...not new, but new to me...
I LOVE IT...and I need to gush about how in love with it I am to people who'll understand...

My mom nods and smiles, DH thinks they are too expensive, and my friend thought it was a beach towel...they do not get it.

So here's a couple pictures of our first day with our new love, Jonas...oh, and don't mind sweaty me...I just hefted my lil 17 pounder up four flights of stairs after an hour long walk, I was POOPED...LOL
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I have the exact same one and LOVE it too! The colors of the Jonas are to die for!

Your pics are great, your ds looks very comfy in his new didy. If I am correct you have him in the front wrap cross carry, which was our favorite too, until recently. We have just started doing the rucksack carry, now I love carrying dd on my back.

Congrats on your new DIDY!!
Yeah we aren't too sure yet about the rucksack, we practice but I haven't gotten it to where I feel safe going out and about with him in it. He lvoes the FWCC, but only in the didy has he decided he likes to face inwards, normally in our stretchy wrap he always wanted to be facing out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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