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Jutta gets what she wants and I get what I want :-)

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Jutta has a dolls' pram out of wood, which she likes to push around but even more likes to sit in. This afternoon when I thought she had to pee, I took her pants off and put her potty into the living room. She sat down in the wooden pram. I said: "May I remind you, that the pram is not a potty. Please go pee in the potty, if you pee in the pram it's such a pain to clean." Then I returned to the computer. I heard her getting out of the pram and pushing the potty around. When I finally looked, she had placed the potty inside the pram and peed into it :) So she got to go potty in the pram and I got the pee in the potty and nothing to clean up. Isn't she a resourceful little girl?!


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Go Jutta! Aren't they amazing at this age?
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