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K/CnS: Remember Mrs. Weasley's sweater....

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in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?
(see it here)
Well, here's my version.
I've been working on it since fall, and had all the work done on it at the beginning of winter. I *finally* blocked it, wove in all the ends, and put buttons on it. I wish I had done it sooner - it is now my favorite sweater!
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i heart that sweater SO mucho!
That looks GREAT!!! What a super sweater. Beautiful colors
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I'm really impressed. Did you design that just based on pictures?
Well, I used the Sweater Wizard software to draft the pattern for the knitted part, but I had to change it a lot because I wanted to knit it all in one piece (I detest sewing seams!), and I wanted the neckline shaping to be smoother than on-edge shaping. Once that was done, I just sort of winged it with the crochet. I manage to get 3 good snaps from the movie to look at, but once I started crocheting, I just went with it and didn't look at the photos anymore.

It's projects like this that make me realize why so many crocheters don't read patterns - I couldn't have written this into a pattern, even if I wanted to!
JEALOUS!!! i have wanted that sweater since i first saw the movie, but i am soooooo not a knitter

ETA: heeeey you're mehndi mama! i remember you from waaaaaay back, talking to you about henna belly art when i thought i was pg once before--your hyenacart shop is so cool!!!
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