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Kaiser vent...

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Just want to say first that I'm not planning on having this baby at Kaiser...but that's our health plan right now. We're planning another beautiful home water birth. That said, I was talking to our midwives today and they told me that Kaiser just instituted a policy that if you go over 41 weeks, you WILL be induced!!!! Has anyone heard of this? I guess it's a new thing. I just cannot believe it. They don't take into consideration that women have varying cycles and some babies just aren't "done" until 44 weeks or whatever! Beyond irritating!
Part 2 of my vent...I had my pap done through Kaiser a couple of months ago, to save money, instead of having my midwives do it. It took me forever to get them to send me the results so I could give them to the midwives. The doc who did the tests told me over the phone when I called to ask for them, "Everything is fine", meaning, as far as I was concerned that EVERYTHING IS FINE! When I finally got the written results, it turns out that the urine sample sent in for testing was no good so they couldn't run the tests at all, AND, right there in black and white it said there was an "Infection consistent with candida". Why would they think it not important enough to tell me this? I had already figured it out but, come on! Just for my comfort level alone, it would have been nice to be told. Instead it had to get much worse before it got better. If I hadn't taken care of it, thrush would be the result, no fun for me or the baby. Okay, I'm done, it's off my chest. Just curious if anyone has heard of this ridiculous rule that you can't go past 41 weeks w/o them inducing? Grrrrr
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If it were me I would just calmly respond that that may be THEIR policy, but they would still need my consent, and I would not plan on consenting to a routine induction based only on dates. I mean what are they gonna do - come get you at home and drag you off to the hospital?
I'm not exactly sure how they can force you to be induced. i believe they would try to make you feel like they can and force you to do it...but I don't legally see how it is possible.
I dont see how they can make you be induced. If it was me I would be like fine whatever and just never show up. What are they going to do call teh cops on you because you didnt show up. Or I would let them schedule it and then call them the morning of and cancle the appt :LOL
Fortunately we won't be with Kaiser when my due date even if I have to be transferred to the hospital for some reason it won't be there!
They can't legally force you to be induced, but they can refuse to pay all of your hospital bill if you don't do it their way, even if your way produced a healthy baby.

There was an example I heard on the boards of a woman whose insurance refused to pay for a VBAC, because the doctor said a c/s was necessary fo rthe sake of the baby. The woman had the baby vaginally, and it was prefectly healthy. Although the doctor was wrong and the woman was right, the insurance refused to pay anyway because the woman did not do what the doctor said.

If you think it's worth it not to be induced, I'd say refuse anyway. I would gladly pay whatever I had to just to avoid an induction and the possible cesarean that would follow.

But, they still have ways of forcing you to take it, even though it's not legal. If you have an IV, you will probably be given pit. They probably won't tell you this. Or, someone could just walk in and jab you with it when you aren't looking; they make quick IM single-dose shots of pit. It's been known to happen with pit, narcotics, even general anesthesia for vaginal births! To minimize the chances, I would warn anyone to refuse the routine IV.

People don't seem to understand that a normal pregnancy lasts from 37 to 43 weeks. The due date is merely the center of that window. Sometimes babies die after being induced at 38 or 39 weeks because they just needed to cook longer.
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It's Your Body, Your baby. Let them know that you are in control and if you have to you'll birth in the woods to do it the way you feel is right.

Evolution has proven through thousands of year that Mother Nature can handle things her own way. Trouble brews when we interfere with her.

Where do doctors get off telling us they know more than we do? Unless they live in your body they have no right to do anything but advise you.- That goes for insurance companies too.
I'm sure there is no way they can enforce this. However, I'm sure that 90% of the people that go to Kaiser are going to do it anyhow because 'The Doctor Said so'! That's what throws me off the most. People like this with influence, and they completely abuse their power. You can argue that the mother should be more informed, and I will agree, but that's not going to change that fact that to most people, what Dr. says, goes.

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