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kassiopeia, born at home 6.18.04

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tabitha, you have no idea how hard I am crying right now! What a beautiful story complete with such gorgeous and intense pictures! Your Kassi is just darling. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Inspiring story
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Congratulations again! She's beautiful! Just looking at all the pictures makes me impatient for my baby.....ooohh I love newborns!!

Then again.....I love feeling my baby grow and move inside of my womb!
Enjoy every moment!
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Your birth story is so beautiful, Tabitha and your daughter is just precious!!
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Its a story like that, that makes me really want to try a HB with my next one!
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tab I'm so glad that you were able to have a homebirth, it's the BEST!! Your story and daughter are just amazing.
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Congratulations! What a beautiful name you chose for your beautiful girl.

I am glad you enjoyed your HB; I had one with my second dd and loved it too!
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tabitha- that is beautiful!!!!!! i am speechless
Oh, I missed this! I'm crying too. You write wonderfully... and your daughter is precious. Happy birthday, Kassi!

I love the pictures and your dd's name is absolutely fabulous
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tabitha: thanks for sharing your journey through birthing and kassi's journey into our world.
your honesty and openness come through your writing and made your story so real for me. I didn't want to read any else's birth stories for a long time (really only a few weeks, but long for me) after our babe was born, but yours was the first one I wanted to read because I knew it would bring me to a new place.

sending you and kassi and tristan lots of mama love...

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