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A Decent, Good-Looking High Chair

review by inkandpaper

We have used this high chair (along with the infant insert seat) since my daughter was 6 months old. She has always seemed comfortable in it. I primarily like it for the wood design and the fact that it turns into a toddler/child chair that can pull right up to the table. The infant insert is squishy plastic that wipes clean easily. Unfortunately, the hole in the seat where the crotch buckle threads through is right where food falls when she drops it in her lap. So we have to take the insert out after every meal to clean it. Also, the insert is only secured by velcro to the high chair. In practice, that was never a problem, but in theory it just doesn't seem secure.

The instructions specify that the seat has to be at a certain level when using with the infant insert. But after the first few months of use, my daughter grew taller and the tray was just too low. So I lowered the seat. Nothing bad happened, and it fit better.

Now let's talk about the tray, which we used for the first several months. It has a plastic cover that snaps on and off and is dishwasher safe. That is great. What is not so great is the fact that it takes two hands to slide the tray out, which leaves no hands to hold on to the baby. Not so great. Other high chairs have a one-handed lever thing. Why not this one? Also, the tray latches are fiddly and plastic, and one broke easily making it even harder to get the tray off.

When my daughter was tall enough to sit directly at the table, we took the tray off and haven't missed it. Now, at this stage, I really have no complaints about the chair. It is great - looks like a normal wooden dining chair but is the perfect fit for my 15-month-old to sit with us at the table.

If I could afford it, I would purchase a Stokke Tripp Trapp over this seat. However, for the price (and considering I got this one for way, way cheap off craigslist) this one is a great alternative. We'll use it for a long time.

Wood, can be used from infancy through childhoodTwo-handed tray removal, some parts not solid wood


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Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray

You can't outgrow the Keekaroo High Chair. Keekaroo's wooden high chair offers the safe seat your child needs during mealtime. The High Chair is ideal for children aged 6 months to 250 lbs. The High Chair includes a wooden tray with BPA-Free plastic tray cover, passive crotch restraint and 3-point safety belt. The Keekaroo High Chair is made with plant based lacquerer finish. It is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards for the safety of your child. Features included in the High Chair are the depth adjustable seat and footplate and height adjustable seat and foot plate. The ergonomic design of the backrest allows for a comfortable seating position. The BPA-Free plastic tray cover is dishwasher safe and helps with easy clean up. Made of Rubberwood, the wooden high chair provides a sturdy base that will resist tipping and maintains durability to last the test of time and the messiest eaters. As your child grows, the seat and foot plates can be adjusted to create the perfect seat. The foot plate can turn into a seat plate when your child's feet touch the ground. For a more premier look, add an Infant Insert to your High Chair. Infant Inserts are made in the USA and are made from a BPA and Latex-Free peel and tear resistant material that offer anti-microbial protection. Infant Inserts wipe clean with warm water and are impermeable to liquids. When used with the wooden tray, this system is JPMA certified to the highest ASTM standards for children up to 3 years old. Keekaroo is style, function and affordability.

BindingBaby Product
FeatureJPMA certified
Eating tray and dishwasher safe tray cover included
Available in natural or mahogany wood color
Adjustable foot and seat plate allows chair to seat from 6 months up to 250 pounds
Cloth cushion seating included
LabelFlcoast LLC
ManufacturerFlcoast LLC
PublisherFlcoast LLC
StudioFlcoast LLC
TitleKeekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Natural
ProductGroupBaby Product
UPCList - UPCListElement815714010050
Item Height24 inches
Item Weight17.55 pounds
Item Width20 inches
Package Height1.9 inches
Package Length30.9 inches
Package Weight17.55 pounds
Package Width11.6 inches
Item Length34 inches


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