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Keep or toss?

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My Dh bought 5 or 6 bags of frozen strawberries the other day and they never made their way out of the bag he brought them home in
. I found them the next morning, a good 18 or so hours later. Would you use or toss? I wasn't sure, so they are just sitting in the freezer. My first thought was to toss them, but I'd love to save them (we use them for smoothies) since they were even organic.
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I'd keep them in the fridge and use them quick! Like, all within the next week or so. One smoothie per day or whathaveyou.

But maybe someone else has more scientific advice...
i would TOTALLY use them, no hesitation at all. its not like you are talking about meat or something that goes 'bad, bad'.

where were they during the 18 hours they were in limbo? in a car out in the cold weather? somewhere hot?
If it were meat or dairy, I wouldn't use them, but since it's fruit, I would put them into the fridge and use as many as I could.
They were sitting in a paper bag in the kitchen -- I wish they had been left in the car, they would've stayed frozen!

My mom thought they should be fine since strawberries can be left at room temp, but the refreeze worries me a bit.
I think I'd keep them. If they were fresh strawberries that had sat on the counter for 18 hours, you wouldn't toss them. I figure frozen ones are fine after sitting out- just a little less cold. I don't think strawberries spoil like that.
I would keep them and use them.
I would think that possibly the texture will be a little different than you are used to, maybe a little more liquid. I would use them.
Thanks ladies! Tossing them just seemed like such a waste, we can make a lot of smoothies with them!
I would cook them inot syrup and then freeze the syrup so none go to waste
If they didn't smell funky I would use them up.
If they hadn't started fermenting yet, I'd be making jam!

Or you can puree them and freeze the puree.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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