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Cats are America's most popular pets, but they are also the pets most likely to die prematurely from diseases, poisons, attacks by other animals, abuse by humans, or speeding vehicles. The reason is simple: Owners often don't realize that allowing their cat to roam outdoors can be a one-way ticket to trouble.

Cat bells do not work to alert wildlife to danger since the wild animals don't associate the sound of a bell with predators.

When you get a new kitten, start it off correctly by not allowing it to become an outdoor cat.

Reasons for your kitten to be kept indoors:
Your kitten won't miss the outdoors if he's never been outside!
He won't be scratching at the door at all hours of the day to be let out.

Your kitten won't be exposed to fleas or ticks.

Your kitten won't be exposed to stray cats, who can cause all sorts of diseases
such as feline leukemia (FeLV), feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), rabies, and many others.
Your kitten won't be at risk to be hit by a car.

Your kitten won't be at risk of being killed by a dog or other animal.

Your kitten won't be fighting with stray cats and come home with abcesses.

Your kitten won't accidentally come across any poisons such as antifreeze.

Your kitten won't disappear for days on end, leaving you worried
that he won't ever come back.

Your kitten can't be the victim of people's cruel actions.

Your kitten won't end up at the local animal shelter.

Your kitten will live a longer life if kept safely indoors!

YOU won't go through the heartbreak of knowing YOU could have prevented any of these incidents by keeping your kitten indoors!

I have been on this campaign for 30 yrs of my life. I've been active in every form of rescue there is & I still find so many misnomers & myths about this subject.

I'm sure some can post about that their outdoor cats lived OK lives & that's cool but they are in a growing minority.

Following are some of the reasons people have provided for allowing their cat to be outdoors without their supervision, along with our comments and suggestions:

College of Vet Medicine:

Veterinarians say indoor cats tend to be healthier and live longer than outdoor cats

Lets me give you the subjects of a few email I just rec'd this week:

1- country cats being found barely alive - used for hunting practice.

2- urban wealthy area - major city, a person saw 3 teens holding a kitten doing hateful things - she scared away teens & rushed kitten (with a cute little collar -not a stray) to a Vet.
Face jaw was broken & kitten had been sexually assaulted. Vet took care of kitten pro-bono but kitten did not make it

3- people purposedly putting out ant-freeze - cats are very attracted to the sweetness of it - & it causing agonizing kidney failure. Even if it leaks out of an over-heated car....

the list goes on & on

for MOST cat owners, please keep your cats indoors.

People pick up your cats, lure them with food & gather them for Fight-dog ring bait. This is every corner of every city.

Your cats can be sold to medical reseach labs

It's a very nasty world out there.

One state, I'm not sure but it may had been Wisconsin made it legal to shoot cats outdors - it was directed towards strays but how is Joe Shotgun gonna know if it's NOT a stray ??

As I said, most of this stuff NEVER makes the news but since I'm on many Rescue lists & am part of a Rescue myself... it's horrifying.
I was not aware what goes on out there.

Do you know many counties in many states have LEGAL gas chambers (a la Nazis in WWII) as a form a Euth. Some are vehicle exhaust hooked up to a hose. OH, GA, MO are particularly bad.
Your loose pets could end up in this fate.


this is very eye-opening & upsetting but the truth must be told

please think about it..... for your kitties' safety.

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I just want to second what polka123 said. Seven years ago my ex-ILs were watching my kitty while we moved. They let him go outside (even though he was an indoor kitty) and their neighbors poisoned him.

LB - mama to 7 indoor kitties
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