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Keeping a hat on a toddler?

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We are very pale people. I can't go out in the sun for more than 10 minutes without sunscreen / sun protection. We are going to the beach for a week and a half this summer. I have sun protective suits for the kids to wear, but in addition I want to have them wear a hat, but I can't get DS to keep one on. I have the kind that tie around the chin, he just pulls it forward and off. Any ideas?
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Well I don't have any suggestions for keeping the hat on except just keep at it. But I will suggest using one of those pacifier clips to keep track of the hat. We did that when we took the kids to an amusement park. We cliped it to the back of their shirt so if the hat fell off (or was taken off) it wouldn't get lost.
I have 3 boys and have YET to be able to get ANY of them to wear a hat. As soon as they were able to learn to untie the hats came off. The older 2 wont even wear a baseball cap.
I have used due rags instead of hats I just get one of DH's old ones from his bike collection and tie them on the boys feel big like daddy and leave them one all day anytime we go to the beach or camping we get lots of comments from other moms on how smart it is because it keeps their heads covered I just keep reapplying sunscreen to their faces.
I read this hoping someone would have an answer as I have the same problem in the summer. However, my son will wear a winter hat - we have one from under the nile that is a 'pilot hat' style that snaps under the chin and that's the only one he'll wear. Although it's warm, I admit to putting it on him sometimes in the summer anyways. I'd love to find one with a brim that he would leave on.
My DD generally pulls off most hats too, but i recently found a cowboy hat at gymboree and she got a kick out of it. it has velcro on the chin strap and she finds that fun to play with and will leave it on longer than most hats.

sometimes we can get her to wear on of DH's hats because they seem to be more fun than her own!

good luck!
I found that if Dh or I wear a hat, DS is more than happy to keep one on
We also have several hats and DS can "choose" the hat he wants to wear
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I've had semi-good luck with the tie one, at least it takes him a bit to figure out how to take it off. I kind of push it back a ways, so it's not sitting right on top of his head, but toward the back a bit, kwim? It looks kind of geeky, but he has a harder time pulling it off.
I have a hard time getting DS to wear a hat, but I consistently put his baseball hat on before going outside, at the same time we put on his shoes. So he really does associate the hat with playtime outside. Hopefully he'll eventually see his hat and get excited because he knows that means outside/funtime is coming!

Originally Posted by akkimmie
I found that if Dh or I wear a hat, DS is more than happy to keep one on
This is what we have had the best luck with. It doesn't work all the time but it does sometimes. It also works with sunglasses. DS is the same age as your little one so maybe it could be worth a shot.
I have no ideas but wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I was feeling like such a bad mom cause people kept telling me "Well you just make her wear one!" (we're pale redheads)
What about a very simple - "We wear a hat outside to stay safe in the sun. If you don't want to wear a hat we can go inside."

Most kids I know would take the choice of staying outside and wear their hat.
Yeah, consistantly wearing a hat myself and pointing out people that we see wearing them seems to help. I asked the same question of my neighbor who had a younger toddler who wore a hat, and she had the same "well, you just make them wear it" response. But now my daughter wears her hat, and the neighbor girl won't.
I have a very fair ds, and we live in Hawaii. I have tried almost everything, and have had good luck with Sunday afternoon hats. They have a toggle strap, and the best coverage I have seen.
I also have two very fair kiddos (my oldest gets olive skin even through the sunscreen) and I really just keep on them. For the 15mth old, I have a hat that ties around the chin and I just say to her (in a cheery voice) "hat on please" over and over and over and over and over again....I've found that when she's active and doing something else, she's more likely to leave it alone, but if we're hiking somewhere and she's in the backpack, she's more likely to mess with it. I think that giving her something to do with her hands helps that a bit. The other thing I do (to make it a bit more challenging) is tie the tie behind her ears. That way it goes behind her ears and under her chin, creating just a bit more challenge to getting it off. I just keep putting the hat back on and saying "hat on please". She gets the message after a while....but we still have issues.

p.s. For my older two I found an AMAZING hat company I love (I even ordered an adult one in the same style I orderded DD) called coolibar. I purchased a hat for DS that has an internal drawstring and will last him from ages 2-8yo!!!!
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I ordered a hat for myself and DD through coolibar, as well as a sunsuit for DD and sunshirts for DH and I. The one I got for DD is the same as the one I got for me, just smaller. I'll keep that one in mind when DS gets older, but for now I have to have some sort of tie under.

I can try just keep telling him again and again - he doesn't respond to that really in the bath where we arleady do that 'please sit down! please sit down!' but oh well.

Thanks everyone for the tips.
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I put a clasp of the sort that you put on a drawstring bag, the thingy that holds them closed, on the ties on Kaia's hat. That way, she doesn't have to hold still while I tie it.
we just keep stopping and putting them back on. After about the 5th or 6th time she gives up for a bit and then we start over. It's a pain isn't it!

Sometimes it's helpful to have more than one so that you can just pop the next one on when the other one comes off. If she's into something she totally forgets that she's got a hat on and then it stays on until she gets bored.

Originally Posted by JBaxter
and have YET to be able to get ANY of them to wear a hat. As soon as they were able to learn to untie the hats came off. The older 2 wont even wear a baseball cap.


So frustrating!!
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