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Keeping children amused during a hospital visit

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I’m going to helping care for four children while their cousin has surgery next week. Their ages range from 5 to 11. I’m planning on bringing a couple of games like Sorry and Candyland that can work for all ages. What else can I do to keep them amused while we’re at the hospital? I don’t know how long we’ll be there, probably all day.
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cards for games, solitaire or go fish, bring several decks.
Crayons and paper and coloring books, good for everyone
kid magazines, cricket, spider, something like that
I know its common for families to bring in laptops or portable DVD players to watch movies or play games to help the time pass. If its a childrens hospital there should be several playgrounds to go out and play in at the hospital and you may be able to use the hospitals play rooms which are loaded with toys. Talk to a social worker at the hospital to see whats available.
I would check out any parks near the hospital that you can take them too.
going to the cafeteria was always a big draw for my little one when her granddaddy was in the hospital. we'd ride the elevators and check out the view from the top floors. did a lot of drawing, too.

hope the surgery goes well.
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