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Keeping on track...

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I just wanted to update on my bill paying progress. I hope it helps to keep me on track. It's hard.... REALLY hard to keep on track.

We owed 1,010.00 for business/personal expenses and we paid all but 128.00 off in the past three months. Most of this was 750.00 I owed for the sugar gliders I bought and I sent the last payment for that on Friday.

We have set up to pay 50.00 every two weeks on a medical bill and we just paid our third payment. We've paid about 30.00 of other small medical bills.

We have some money coming in the next week or two and I want to pay off a bill we've had almost two years for one of those pay check now places. It's about 195.00.

We just found out today our insurance won't pay for my sons tooth being fixed when he chipped it. That's 250.00 *sob*. It's a big step backwards but I can't let my kids dental needs go.

Thanks for listening!
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Awesome! We are trying to get out of debt by the end of this year, so I'm right there with you!
I think just keeping track of it all and making slow, steady progress is great. That's what we're doing here, too.
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