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Keeping rugs from slipping?

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I have braided rugs in my bathrooms and kitchen, and they slip everywhere. I have tried rug mats but they just slip too, or the rug comes off of them. Could I sew some on?

What is your experience with this; what have you found that works?
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I have the same problem, even with the kind with rubber backing. I'm seriously considering putting some velcro tape on my floor to keep them in place (at least in the kitchen)
For smaller rugs I've had better luck with the rug tape instead of the mats. I think this is similar to what I use: rug tape

I bought a roll at Target for like $5.
my mom uses the Rug tape- that stuff rocks...I'm a little nervous about using it on my newish laminate floor, though..think it'll be ok? Either way- I probably will use it anyway- I cant stand the rug moving.
Well, I'm not worried about the laminate (we rent, and the floors have been here for at least 8 years!), and if I need to remove residue at the end of our lease, I've got plenty of Goo-Gone.

Thanks for the suggestions; I will find some rug tape (I'd never heard of it) tomorrow. Will update with its efficacy!
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