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Keeping up support hose

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I am just starting to wear thigh high support hose. The really thick ones. And I cannot keep the things on. they just roll down my legs at the most inconvient times.

I could not find a maternity garter belt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep these things up?

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no suggestions on the hose....sorry.

but, if you are wearing the hose to help with groin pressure, there are other belts out there - I am wearing a v2 supporter to help with varicose veins in the groin area, and it is so helpful. is the co that makes them, but i bought mine at
I'm wearing the V2 also. cskrygel, how are you finding it? It really helps the groin but it also starts to annoy me everywhere else! I'm trying to start using it part time, walking, taking the kids to the park, etc. However, today is the first day trying that and I can feel I'm quite swollen again.

carrietorgc, sorry but I have no tips for you. Someone here must know what to do! We'll just have to help bump your post! I feel for anyone who has to deal with these unglamourous issues of pregnancy!

[ Carrie wrote: "I am just starting to wear thigh high support hose. The really thick ones. And I cannot keep the things on. they just roll down my legs at the most inconvenient times.I could not find a maternity garter belt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep these things up? - Carrie]

Dear Carrie, I sympathize with you, totally. With my pregnancies I didn't need the 'really thick, medical 'support' hose - I "only" needed the so-called regular "support" maternity panty-hose, - Believe me...that was bad enough! I've always found panty-hose uncomfortable and a nuisance and prefer thigh high nylons, either the "stay-up" kind or occasionally with a garterbelt. Of course when I was pregnant the garterbelt was no longer an option. My doctor said I should avoid the stay-up type of stockings too, as they could cause a constriction, leading to varicose veins and/or other circulation problems. At the time I worked in an office where I dealt with the public, so pregnant or not, I pretty much had to wear skirts or dresses and of course, along with that, nylons on my legs, so maternity panty-hose it was. Yuck! As much as disliked (and still dislike) regular panty-hose, I absolutely hated maternity panty-hose! By the 6th month or so, it itched and irritated my abdomen, it wouldn't stay in place - the top band would roll over or slide down. Plus it was expensive - almost double the price of regular "non-maternity" panty-hose (and about 4 times the price of the regular nylon stockings I was used to buying) and poorly made to boot - it seemed to run very easily - much more then even regular panty-hose. Anyway enough of my "I Hate Panty-hose" rant! On to my idea for a possible solution.

During my first pregnancy, 10 years ago, (my first of three unhappy experiences with maternity panty-hose), I remember complaining to my mother about how they felt and asking what she wore when she had been pregnant. My brothers and sisters where all born between 1958 and 1970 - mostly before panty-hose and particularly, maternity panty-hose became common or even available. She told me that when I was born in the late 1960's. pregnant women just wore regular nylon stockings - but they had special maternity garterbelts to hold them up. Well I started to look for one - I but to no avail. Most stores had never heard of such a thing and the few older saleswomen I spoke to, remembered them, but said they hadn't been made in years. Well they were right. No longer made - anywhere, apparently. That was over 10 years ago now. For my three pregnancies, spread over the next 10 years, I had to literally 'endure' maternity panty-hose. Well, I'm not pregnant now, (*may* be contemplating one more though!
), but the panty-hose situation still bugs me. Lately I've been thinking that I must not be the only one out there who prefers nylon stockings to panty-hose - and who when pregnant, absolutely hates maternity panty-hose. Here is my question to everyone out there *IF* an actual maternity garterbelt was available that was comfortable, and reasonably priced (under or around $25.00 - $30.00 maybe?) and functional - perhaps it could also serve as a 'light support' garment for the tummy and at least somewhat "pretty" if not necessarily "sexy'), would anybody buy it do, you think? By "anybody" - I mean enough women to actually have one manufactured perhaps by smaller "cottage industry' manufactures willing to do custom production in limited runs?
I'm trying to determine if there would be a market for such a thing and I am seriously talking to some overseas companies about the possibility of having one designed and manufactured - using some 1960's catalog images as a basis, but with modern fabrics and other improvements. If I hear from enough other women who think there would be a market - even a fairly limited one- for an actual maternity garterbelt, I will push ahead with this project and see what I can come up with. Please, everybody - let me know what you think - pro or con - either here in this forum or PM or e-mail me.
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I wear maternity support hose that go right over my belly. They stay up with some help from me coaxing them back up after I go potty. I was actually considering getting my second pair as thigh highs, but I think I'll just get another pair of these after reading this thread.

I had not heard of using a belt to help with varicose veins. I know mine (and probably everyone else's during pg) are caused by pressure in my groin. I am now going to look into a belt to help with this. I really struggle with the hose and would love to have an alternative, esp for days when I don't have time to get the hose on.

Sorry I don't have any advice for how to keep those thigh highs up.
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