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I am getting some real kefir grains soon (not a commercial starter culture), and I had a few questions. I know some of you drink kefir, so I thought this would be a good place to ask.

1) What does it taste like? Is it a drink my 3 year old will actually take? He loves yogurt, but I know that kefir has a lot more to offer. If he doean't like it, is there anything I can add to it without taking away the good properties? I plan on making the cheeses with it that Dom has on his site(, are those just as good as drinking it? I thought the cheeses would be a good idea since my dh and I never met a cheese we didn't like.

2) Is it okay to use pasteurized milk as long as it's organic? I can't find raw milk around here.

3) The baby has thrush in his mouth. I know that kefir and supplements for me will get rid of it on my nipples, but is it okay (or even neccessary) to maybe swab a little kefir in his cheeks? I would think it would have to be safer than gentian violet or nystatin. i want to get rid of it without using drugs if possible.

4) How do I store the grains when they are not being used? Not that that will be very often, but we may go on vacation or something and not want to take them along. I don't want to kill them, since they are alive.

5) How much should we eat/drink? My ds is 3 and weighs about 40 pounds, should I limit his intake? Is there such a thing as too much probiotics?

Sorry, I have searched for these answers, but I haven't really found them addressed, so I thought I'd ask. If you use kefir, would you mind sharing with me any thoughts you may have on it? This seems like some really amazing stuff. I'm sure I'll have more questions once my grains arrive. They are being priority mailed tomorrow. I'm excited about them (in case you can't tell).

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We drink kefir herehave had thrush so here goes......LOL

1. It tastes alot like yogurt, all 3 of my kids LOVE it !!

2. not sure

3. I don't know that kefir will get totally rid of thrush. I don't think it could hurt to swab some, but I don't think it will get rid of it. You may want to get some acidopholous (sp?) capsules, break one open, split it into 3 and give it to him 3 times a day. So, that would be 1 capsule per day, sectioned into 1/3's(I hope I didn't sound too confusing

4. not sure, maybe call a HFS?

5. You can pretty much drink as much as you want, at least my kids do and it has not hurt them. They love the stuff. You can make shakes out of it too, add fruit to it and ice cubes or soy ice cream......yum

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